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Thought, per comments on the GRIM RUMOURS thread, that we could do with a more appropriately-titled thread!

Not seen Ep4 yet (the wife's away for a week due to work and it's more than my life's worth to watch it without her…) but I'm really enjoying it.

Spoilers are fair game from here on in. Have at it. I'll be back on Friday, when I've seen Ep4!

I think it's ace. I'm enjoying the design of the Discovery more every time I see it.
Episode 4 was good and offered some more surprises. I wasn't expecting the spore beast to be so integral to the plot (and neither was that silly cow security woman - I was well glad when she got mauled). Now the spore beast is ill though. Poor spore beast.
I'm still expecting Michael to mutiny against this crew at some point, probably destroying the spore tech in the process. I'm preparing to have my expectations confounded though.

They just nipple clipped a Third Stage Guild Navigator.

I suppose you could see the spores as being something like melange. Never thought of that.

Glad it wasn't just me thinking Dune.  But there are much worse things to think of.   

So there was lots of good stuff in Episode 4, but there was also a big drop in the novelty factor.  If this is going to be just incremental steps in the Michael Burnham Story I'm going to get bored.  I'd definitely prefer a more ensemble-based approach, give other crew-members the spotlight, rather than just quick turns orbiting Michael's manifest destiny.  Bargain Basement Alan Tudyk had his spin this week, but it was all just playing off Michael and Lorca: I want to see a Saru-centric episode, one with whats-that-on-her-face Keyla, and that rather cool Doctor.  But thank goodness that awful Security Chief got chomped before I had to learn more about what the hell her problem was. 

But maybe we'll get to that, now that the spore drive has had its workout (and continuity-damaging concerns aside, I rather liked all of that spinning and zipping about).  And I did warm to Michael more this week, with her Federation scientist hippy side coming to the fore, rather than her wannabe-green-blooded ultra-pragmatism.

Main gripe: sweet Surak's scrotum, am I sick of subtitled Klingon dialogue now. It's not so much the reading, it's the haughing and clicking of a made-up language for 10 minute stretches.  We get it, bunch of bald lads shouting 'remain Klingon', now turn on the universal translator.   

Mudd next week I believe, fingers crossed for that one.


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