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Has anybody watched this yet. Despite me being a bit bored of Star Wars I thought it was quite a good opening episode.


It'll be interesting to see whether they commit to the premise of a lead who never removes his helmet*

It should give Tharg an idea whether Stronty Dog works as a TV show, too - Boba Fake even does a bit of mork whispering.

* If they do, I expect them to saddle him a more sympathetic sidekick, like Anderson in Dredd3D or Wulf in Stront. It'd give the viewer a more chatty and expressive character as a point of connection, and it'd mean they can have scenes where someone's able to be shown doing normal shit like eating or going undercover if the story requires it.

From the very opening scene I thought it was just Strontium Dog with a boba fett fan.


Cam Kennedy says it was his idea to get John Wagner in to script his Boba Fett book. Smart man:

Here's Grace Randolph's review. Compares the lead to Karl Urban's Judge Dredd so bonus points there. Some might find Grace's delivery a bit ...weird.


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