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Meg 415 - The Spirit of the Season

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Funt Solo:

I was just checking out my electronic version of this issue, and the floppy is ten pages shorter than normal.

I'm assuming this is a mistake, because a 58pp floppy couldn't be stapled properly (as it's not exactly divisible by four).

And if this were the full reprinting of Damnation Station, it skips "In Another Lifetime" (prog 1857).

Anyone able to check their paper version and see if I'm missing pages in the electronic version?

I also have just the digital copy, but it does seem that the story In Another Lifetime
is meant to be there. The inside cover includes prog 1857 in the “originally published in...” part, and it’s 5 pages long, so with a cover page that would be an extra 6, and 58+6=64.

Do you think it’s too late to ask them and see if it can be rectified?

They upgraded the digital Caballistics book when the final episode was published, so they might.


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