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Meg 415 - The Spirit of the Season

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--- Quote from: MumboJimbo on 23 December, 2019, 04:19:59 PM ---I seem to remember IPC had a rule of 7 years, thinking that no child would ever read a comic for such a period as they'd grow out of it long before the 7 years was up!
--- End quote ---

Pretty sure it was a minimum of five.

Dredd – Nice start to a new Dredd arc, good art provided by Karl Richardson.

Devlin Waugh – Interesting but quite a talkative start to the new Devlin tale.

Blunt – Blunt returns to the meg and what I understand is that this is the last part of the story. Not my favourite story but at least it looks more interesting than the previous arc.

The Returners – This is the last part of the current story-line. Difficult to say if this was good or not a lot of confusion storytelling in the middle part of the story. The art although was always great. This will return…

Lawless – Enough said Lawless is back and this is as always, a pleasure to have in the Meg.

When can we expect Meg 416? I've lost count over xmas.... :(

Is the Meg monthly or four-weekly? The last one landed around the 20th, so count forward from there, I guess.

Batman's Superior Cousin:
The second weekend of every month for us subscribers, I believe


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