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Crickey, no-one else getting their Megazine?
Great cover by PJ, what's not like?I
Dredd, nice Dredd, unusually he misses a couple of clues but there's a good twist. Artwork find by PJ, thought the tank bust could have been more dramatic, but otherwise great work.

Revlon ends well and a nice twist and artwork exceptional.
Blunt continues in the elected vein

Text stuff is promo for Smash and Rob Williams Old Haunts, both of which look interesting.
There's also an interview with Jake Lynch and his Harry Heaton work.
The promo Zombie Army plods to the finish line, hopefully the game is more interesting.
Lawless, does the usual brand job, and a nice message at the end
Advert for next month says The Vigilant finale will be in the Megazine, that should save a big or two.

No letters page Buttman!

FFS, Revlon?? Typing this on a Kindle.... Devlin!

Brand =grand... :-[

Colin YNWA:
Revlon Brand is Delvin Waugh's new arch nemesis!

PJ's cover:


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