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I've been catching up a bit. Dredd's have been pretty good, Zombie Army is better than I thought it would be. Blunt, I just can't get into at all (missed the first series and unlike Lawless, nothing grabbed me enough to go back and immediately read the previous installments).

Lawless continues to be one of my favourite things ever especially the way it continues to twist and turn. And Revlon is also great after what I felt was a Luke warm start. Not too fussed on the Vigilant.

I must make effort to read these when they come in... when playing catch up I never have time for the floppies (some of which look great).

But I still feel I'm Getting more than my money's worth.

Forgot about Revlon Brand!! :-[

If there's any creator's reading, please, please stick Revlon Brand in a story somewhere!   :thumbsup:


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