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Barrington Boots:
This being made slipped under my radar but I watched the first episode this morning. I found it quite slow, lacking in humour and wasn't a fan of the animation much (having just binged a load of old anime) but I've seen some good reviews for it so I'll giving the second episode a go. Anyone else seen it / worth sticking with?

It's been ages since I've read the source material - I  was really into it at one point, it felt breezy and fresh and interesting - but there was a point where it all started to feel very leaden and serious and I just gave up: I still haven't read the ending, which mirrors my experience with The Walking Dead really.

Watch the first episode which was pretty cool
But obviously with so much being crammed into 3 episodes, a lot of the character & nuances were lost in translation

But also inspired me to :-

Barrington Boots:
I just watched the second episode on my lunch break. The voice acting cast is stellar and they've stuck reasonably close to the comics but I found the pacing really bad - the battle scenes are extended but it rushes between plot points, so yeah, it feels like a lot of the nuance and humour is lost in between.

The animation reminds me of older cartoons - this may be purposeful?

I think, like you, I'll try re-reading the comic instead!

Professor Bear:
I only watched the first one and it seemed pretty rote, but maybe it goes somewhere good in later episodes.  I didn't think it was particularly bad or anything, it just has a lot of high-quality competition atm.

The notion that superheroes have been around for ages and now a generation of kids have grown up accepting them as part of their cultural landscape was a pretty tired setup when the Invincible comics started, being pretty much the default backstory of every single teen superhero comic made by Marvel, DC and Image since the early 1990s - but Invincible is explicitly a story about fascist ubermensch, so the cartoon is arguably now relevant where the comics weren't, now that the MCU has popularised the concept of genetically-perfect body-armored, US military-approved interventionists and the dynasties they build despite existing within democratic entities.

I’m really liking it, I like the animation style and they have captured the look of the art from the original comic quite well.  I quite liked the original comic but then I have only read the first five or so gn’s and like all Kirkmans stuff it goes on quite a bit more than that so it could possibly drag later in the series.
You know that I’m if we can’t get that live action MC1 series I wouldn’t be complaining if the did Dredd in this style.

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