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Black Beth and the Devils of Al-Kadesh

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Barrington Boots:
This special completely ruled. The main story captures the feel of Howard / Fritz Leiber nicely and Dani's art is just wonderful and so well suited to it. I know we've had a little gut of sword and sorcery stuff lately with Feral & Foe, Kingmaker etc but I'd love to see this in the Prog or even the Meg, and if not I hope it returns. Loved it. The backups are kinda slight, but the pinups are lovely and all in all it's a great little comic.

I don’t think I read the same book as you guys.

Whilst I thought the script was very good, the art wasn’t acceptable for a £5 book.

Extremely confusing in places and a general feeling of looking at someone’s doodle book.

Dani is a good artist, I’ve seen great work from her elsewhere, but this was clearly very rushed. Why design a monster or do backgrounds when you can just do a bunch of scribbles instead.

It very much took me out of the story.

Not much to add to the other positive assessments, except to say that this was a most welcome addition to the Rebellion portfolio of comics and I hope we see more soon.
Loved DaNi's art, the colour really brought the art to life. Great work from all the other contributers too.
The U.S comic book size irked me initially, but if this format means that it finds its way into more comic book readers, then it's a sacrifice worth making.

Esteban Maroto, was my initial thought on opening this. And since I'm a huge fan of Maroto, I very much liked this. Yes, I admit, it did feel somewhat 'seventies', if only because it seemed like a strip transplanted from Savage Sword of Conan in its heyday- but that'll do me. Great stuff.


I bought this partly to support Rebellions output and because I like Dani's artwork, but mainly picked it up for a friends daughter (I think she's 10 or 11ish) who has shown an interest in comics and for whom I hoped it would be appropiate. On an initial flick through I saw the word "shit" being uttered in one of the back-up strips so immediately put all thoughts of gifting it to a young lass to one side.

I then started reading for my own entertainment but just couldn't get into it.

Overall, just not sure who this was aimed at.


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