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Subscriber badges plus some FCBD issues and a signed Shaky Kane book for charity


Eamonn Clarke:

This year's subscriber badges generously donated to the cause by our very own Stephen Buttonman.
99p start and all for cancer research UK. You know what to do.

Also the Kane & Able graphic novel signed by Shaky Kane and Krent Able, also donated by Stephen.

And three random FCBD issues from the Forbidden Planet bag, also for cancer research.

And if any one is collecting the Titan books I also have Bad Company books 3 & 4 up there (not for charity on those 2)


Bump! Finishing 2.30 pm tomorrow (Saturday).

Eamonn Clarke:
Both sold and raised £34.59 for cancer research UK
Thanks again to the Buttonman for his generosity.

And we now have another set with a couple of bonus extras up for the same great cause


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