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Brigand Doom

Tribal Memories

Armoured Gideon. Great to see him guesting in the Order, too.

Everyone always goes on about Metalzoic but I really can’t remember anything about it apart from the classic ‘Brian’ cover.

If it wasn’t a numbered prog and was separate I wouldn’t buy it. If it helps finance the prog then so be it.

There’s some interesting psychology going on here - you wouldn’t buy it if it was separate, but the fact it technically means having a gap in your collection if you don’t, means it has to be purchased. I’m sure there are people better qualified than me to analyse that one.

I’m a subscriber. Probably also a completist (hell, I hung in there through the 90s!) but I don’t have the luxury of that choice.

Shakara. A mind blowing classic. I loved how it took so long to reveal its secrets. Robot dinosaurs? A planet turned into a space ship? The last human absentmindedly murdered on page 3? Yes please! I may be misremembering this, but I’m sure there was an all time classic run of Shakara, Kingdom, Dante, Stront and Dredd at one point. Absolute perfection.

SSR pretty good, mind. Sorry it’s going out.

If it wasn’t a numbered prog and was separate I wouldn’t buy it. If it helps finance the prog then so be it.

Mean Machine. I was about to go for Storming Heaven, then I realised I was thinking about A Love Like Blood. Or possibly From Grace. Both of which were great, but I can’t remember anything about SH.

Skip Tracer. I’m not that bothered about either but seeing Skippy advance through the contest via some jammy draws against lower league opposition might be fun.

Brink is a top 10 thrill.

Mercy Heights gave us Tor Cyan which is great, but already knocked out I think?

Armageddon was a great thrill. But Red’s a classic character and deserves to go far.

Durham Red

Is this the revival of VCs as well? Don’t recall the CitiDef story.\
VCs anyway

The joy of the Case Files is how the long running interlinked stories play out (democracy, kraken, necropolis; the pit, DeMarco, Edgar etc) over many years (though not quite as many years as when I read them first time!) You get more of a sense of an evolving history, and even the poorer stuff is mostly readable.

Simple - if you want it complete, get the Case Files. The exception to that for me is for recent stuff that the CCF won’t get to for some years.

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