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Prog / Re: Prog 2243 – Terror From The Deep
« on: 03 August, 2021, 12:12:58 PM »
With Dept. K, I thought it had more potential in doing Dreddworld meets Black Science, but that was waved away almost instantly with something more normal. I thought it was fine. Yes, it was quite simple and hand-wavey, but I’ve read much worse in the Prog. I’ll take something that meanders between fun and inoffensive and that has nice art over, well, Skip Tracer’s cliches.

This is very true. Perhaps I've been a bit unfair on it: it held my interest more than (off the top of my head) Black Shuck and it is better than Skip Tracer. I'm always aware than in an anthology comic the strips should be different, and that means it's not always for me and that's fair enough.
I enjoyed Full Tilt Boogie: taking your point there about momentum, I actually think Dept. K could be better with a bit of momentum to flesh out these characters. I think in FTB the world it built, and the story it told, was just a lot more interesting, but there's tons of potential in both.

But: Pandora Perfect. This is going to be very interesting. The first tale was by far my favourite thing in the entire Regened run to date. It was just wonderful. The second one didn’t quite hit that dizzy high, but I thought it also hung together really well and was funny. But how will this work in the actual Prog? I’m fine with a comedy series. I’m fans of the people behind it (I mean, come on, surely Roger Langridge needs to be in the Prog more often). But will this be a multi-part series, which might be tricky to keep going? Or a bunch of fun one-offs, like the Hogan/Hughes Robo-Hunter?

I share this concern also: PP is my favourite thing in the Regened to date: it's original, it's funny and it's got that anarchic touch that I think works so well in comics for children (and adults!) but I've no idea how this will translate to a full length series. I'd be happy with a bunch of one-offs, or maybe a handful of two part tales. I've confidence that something special could be happen with it.

I'm also interested to see how it's pitched tone-wise: I do like a comedy strip in the Prog but I'm not sure if we've had one so... obviously all ages may be the best term for it?.. sitting next to something like Aquila, with bloody dismemberments all over the shop and a dude being eaten alive by soul maggots: it could really stick out. I remember as a youngster finding Zippy Couriers felt like a strip that belonged in another comic (Zippy Couriers being a strip I think would actually work quite nicely were it Regened!)
As I say though, I'm confident it'll be cool.

The wider point, about having a Regened strip as a regular or semi-regular fixture I guess depends a lot on the quality of the strips themselves - as you say, good comics are good comics but I think a genuinely all ages comic is probably very tricky to write. 

Prog / Re: Prog 2243 – Terror From The Deep
« on: 03 August, 2021, 09:47:41 AM »
I really liked the cover this week, eyecatching and loving the pink and green scheme: felt quite fresh and different. I loved Luke Preece's previous 80s-style SinDex cover as well.

Dredd: This is just brilliant stuff. So much packed into just a few pages. Awesome.

Skip Tracer: I've not written this off but now that I've kind of given up trying to like ST, it's just really uninteresting. Like IP said already here it's a mess of cliches. Nice giant skull spaceship on page 4 though.
Department K: Now that it's over, beside Dan Cornwell's amazing artwork and the refreshing choice of non-white-male leads I really don't understand what people liked here: simplistic plot, bland characters, basic script and unexplained superpowers handwave ending. Like ST I didn't find it actively bad, just very.. nothingy. If runnning stuff like this is, as some suspect, a way to generate more collected edition content for the younger reader that's fair enough (although with Pandora Perfect starting soon it raises questions over turning over a chunk of the Prog to Regened stuff, but the short answer is I'll go with it if it's what the Prog needs to continue) but if not then I guess I just thought this wasn't very good. Oh well!

Dexter: I did like the switch in artist and I would really like it if this continued with Yeowell drawing Finnegan and Bettin drawing Ray. I've not much else to say on this though: with characters dying and then being almost immediately restored there's no real stakes, the AI plot is unending and this strip is a sad shadow of what it once was.

Aquila: I remain slightly frustrated with the pacing, but at the same time it feels churlish to complain when it's bringing us concept and horrors like this. Ephialtes turned out to be exactly who we thought, and also a bit crap. The pace is actually very old school I guess and this is an enjoyable thrill. Every week I say this looks immense and it really does. Great final page and I really liked the opening shots of the snow and the frozen corpses too.

This is a tough one for me. Both great stories.
I remember reading Slavers in some kind of collected best-of format and being totally blown away by it - the giant heads, the horror of the force feeding, the treatment of the slaves, totally useless Titus Smitus.. little dark comedic touches like potting peasants and the joke name of the story itself.
I also love Johnny and Wulf at the start on Smiley's World, Wulf catching fish in his aloha shirt.

The Killing though is packed full of jokes, action, crazy character names and designs and a bit of 2k social commentary - it's definitely one of the stories I'd give someone to read if they were starting off on SD. It's a belter, and it gets my vote this round.

Stone Killers for me also.

I missed this one closing, and tbh I also thought that the Moses Incident would sweep this. I'm so glad that so many other boarders share my love for IoMM.

Books & Comics / Re: Phoenix comic
« on: 02 August, 2021, 04:29:35 PM »
I read the 500th issue at the weekend and really enjoyed it, and I'm 45. It's almost worth having a child so I could get this every week.

Mostly unrelated fact: Neill Cameron (Pirates of Pangaea, Robo-Bros) drew my wedding tattoo.

Film & TV / Re: Battle Of The Planets Live action movie.
« on: 02 August, 2021, 12:19:51 PM »
That's three words.

This is to be read as delivered by Professor Huston in King Solomons Mines I hope.

Agree with Pyroxian that BotP has aged badly but Gatchaman is brilliant. Not sure we need a BotP film though.

I haven't seen that Japanese Gatchaman film but even though the FX look ropey I would still totally watch it.

Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« on: 02 August, 2021, 12:09:47 PM »
I picked one up off ebay in the end, as the 3rd Red Seas volume went OOP very fast (although it then came back in print)
I see Mercy Heights is up next, if that's in the Ultimate Collection I look forward to a hardback Night Zero collection!*

* I actually would like this

General / Re: Skip Tracer is strictly better than The Order
« on: 02 August, 2021, 10:07:29 AM »
The problem for me isn't that Skip Tracer is better (or worse) than The Order. It's that it's objectively worse than its most obvious Tooth antecedent, Night Zero.

Excellent comparsion this, Skip often reminds me of a less good version of Night Zero. I think Paul Marshall could draw a good Tanner.

I think The Order has started to meander a little, but it's got better characters, lovely art and a much, much better plot. It does take a reread every once in a while but it's so worth it.

General / Re: Bolt-01 Cup - Best Strontium Dog - Resurrection Shuffle
« on: 02 August, 2021, 10:02:35 AM »
The Son 3 - Despite not being intended to be, as far as we know, it stands up as the final SD story (if it's allowed to be) and for that reason only it seems to resonate significance.

Repo Men 2 - of the rebirth stories, this felt close to a classic SD adventure.

I didn't enjoy the Life & Death of Alpha much and Stix Fix wasn't the strips finest hour either, really.

General / Re: Let’s get Dreddlines back!
« on: 29 July, 2021, 11:48:21 AM »
I've never written to Tharg, I'm not really sure what to say.
Those letters that basically review the Prog aren't really interesting to read and if I have a question or comment I'd normally put it here.
I could just drop him a line saying hello?

Definitely The Gronk Affair here. It is a grim story! I remember being horrified by all the skinning and Slugg eating the Gronks. The showdown at the end between Alpha and Wulf and the Weerds is great. Com up shooting - or come up dead!

Muties Luck for me too. Sorry, Sorry Case!
Billy Glum ftw

Two flawed tales here.  Bitch is a bt too long and the REd/Alpha relationship is unhealthy in more ways than the writers intended.

Excellent point, this aspect of the story is weird and mildy uncomfortable. What's up with that shower scene? Might have a rethink on this.

General / Re: Forthcoming Thrills - 2021
« on: 28 July, 2021, 09:25:09 AM »
oh that looks glorious

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