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The shelf clearance continues with a selection of great books from the Treasury of British Comics as well as some signed/bookplate editions…

  • Dredd 'Urban Warfare', hb (Rebellion, 2015, 1st Printing) : £20 + £3.20 p&p
       Bookplate 167/250 Signed by Henry Flint
       2012 Dredd movie comics from the Megazine: Top of the World, Ma-Ma; Underbelly; Uprise
  • Judge Dredd Complete Case Files 01, hb (Rebellion, 2015, 1st Printing) : £25 + £3.20 p&p
       Bookplate 184/250 Signed by Carlos Ezquerra
       10th Anniversary edition (colour spreads)
  • Summer Magic, hb (Rebellion, 2017, 1st Printing) : £15 + £3.20 p&p
       Bookplate 164/200 Signed by John Ridgway
  • The Leopard From Lime St., Vol 1, hb (Rebellion, 2017, 1st Printing) : £12 + £3.20 p&p
       Bookplate 56/200
  • The Red Seas, Vol 1, pb (Rebellion, 2007, 1st Printing) : £7 + £2 p&p
       Signed by Ian Edginton.  Features series 1+2 pitches; Steve Yeowell character sketches
  • Angel Fire, pb (Shattered Frames, 2004) : £7 + £2 p&p
       Signed by Chris Blythe, Steve Parkhouse #96
  • The Complete Johnny Future, hb (Rebellion, 2020, 1st Printing) : £10 + £3.20 p&p
  • Ken Reid's Creepy Creations, hb (Rebellion, 2018, 1st Printing) : £10 + £3.20 p&p
  • Misty: Vols 1-3, pb (Rebellion, 2016-18, 1st Printings) : £20 + £3.20 p&p
       1: Moonchild; Four Faces of Eve
       2: The Sentinels; End of the Line
       3: Wolf Girl; Poor Jenny; The Curse of the Wolf; Twin Catastrophes; Wolfsbane
  • Misty: The Jordi Badia Romero Collection, hb (Rebellion, 2019, 1st Printing) : £12 + £3.20 p&p
  • Jinty: Vol 1, pb (Rebellion, 2018, 1st Printing) : £5 + £2 p&p
       Land of No Tears; The Human Zoo
  • Jinty: Fran of the Floods, pb (Rebellion, 2019, 1st Printing) : £5 + £2 p&p

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/WC3izrL

I’ve listed any defects I’m aware of, but feel free to ask any specific questions on condition, or for additional info / pictures. 

Postage rates are for second-class Royal Mail UK delivery (if you want signed-for delivery add £1).  If you are buying multiple items (from this or my other sales) I’ll figure out the adjusted rate when I package them up.

Payment via Paypal ‘friends and family’.  If you are local to Cambridge (UK), I’m happy to consider cash-on-collection. 

Finally, if you’re sending PMs/emails don’t forget to pop a message below first.

Thanks for reading!

Some odd bits and pieces that may be of interest and have lost their claim to my shelf space…

Subscriber Gifts
  • T-Shirt (40 Years Creep) : £5 + £1.55 p&p
    In original plastic bag (opened), unworn / unwashed.  Fruit of the Loom, XL, folded
  • Abaddon Books launch samplers (pb, Rebellion, 2006) : £5 + £1.55 p&p
       Tomes of the Dead: Death Hulk, Matthew Sprange
       Dreams of Inan: A Kind of Peace, Andy Boot
       Sniper Elite: Spear of Destiny, Jaspre Bark
       The Afterblight Chronicles: The Culled, Simon Spurrier
  • Art packs – Cam Kennedy, John Higgins : £5 + £3.20 p&p
    In original plastic resealable bags
  • Card art prints (A4) Frank Quitely, Clint Langley, Leigh Gallagher, Greg Staples : £5 + £1.55 p&p
  • Card art print (A3) Tula Lotay (Judge Anderson, Judge Death) : £3 + £3.20 p&p
    Unfolded, and no creases or other damage.
  • MC-1 Justice Department Notebook & Lawscriber (pen) : £3 + £2 p&p
    In original plastic resealable bag, unused.
  • Fridge Magnets (Dredd, Mean Machine) 1st lot: £2 + 70p p&p
  • Fridge Magnets (Dredd, Mean Machine) 2nd lot: £2 + 70p p&p
  • Door Hanger (Dredd on loo) : £2 + 70p p&p
    Image is by Cliff Robinson from Prog 1194 but with what looks to be painted rather than the computer colouring from the Prog cover.
  • Badge (Tharg: Squaxx Dek Thargo Subscriber) : £2 + 70p p&p
    In original plastic bag.  Also including 2 decent homemade Anderson badges I received as a gift from an eBay seller.
  • Badges - 2020 2000 AD set (Democracy Now, I Am The Law, Chopper, Death) :  £2 + 70p p&p

  • Judge Dredd Ultimate Collection issue 1 + flyer : £2 + £1.55p p&p
        Approx A1 size, Bolland, folded.  Was included as part of the launch bundle with issue 1.
  • 2000 AD Ultimate Collection issue 1 + flyer : £2 + £1.55p p&p
        Approx A1 size, Bolland, folded.  Was included as part of the launch bundle with issue 1.

  • Metro Dredd #1 [Metro 26-Jan-04, folded] : £3 + £1.55 p&p
    Front cover has taken some damage (top left corner torn, bottom right damaged, bit of yellowing on fold).  The Dredd strip inside is fine though.
  • PC CD-ROM: Judge Dredd - Dredd vs Death (Rebellion, 2003) : £5 + £1.55 p&p
    Unable to test, but installed fine on release.  Includes original instructions, subscription flyer.  Also includes a review of the Virgin Dredd game torn out of Zzap!64 April 1991 which I must’ve put in there at some stage for some reason.
  • Cassette: Judge Dredd the Original Adventures, Vols 1-2 (Apocalypse War; The Day the Law Died) (Speaking Volumes / BBC Radio 1, 1995) : £10 + £2 p&p
    Audio dramas by Dirk Maggs.  Both cases have a 1 inch split, one on the cover, one on the spine, but not too noticeable.  Tapes have not been played for years, and I can’t test them now, but have been stored carefully and were fine on release.
  • T-Shirt: Dredd - I Am The Law (NerdBlock) : £5 + £1.55 p&p
    Unworn / unwashed.  Gildan Softstyle, L, folded
  • Flyer: Disposable Heroes Comics Dredd flyer : £1 + 70p p&p
  • Bag: Forbidden Planet Judgement on Gotham plastic bag (folded, 1991) : £2 + 70p p&p

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/yTPN7kZ

I’ve listed any defects I’m aware of, but feel free to ask any specific questions on condition, or for additional info / pictures. 

Postage rates are for second-class Royal Mail UK delivery (if you want signed-for delivery add £1).  If you are buying multiple items I’ll figure out the adjusted rate when I package them up.

Payment via Paypal ‘friends and family’.  If you are local to Cambridge (UK), I’m happy to consider cash-on-collection. 

Finally, if you’re sending PMs/emails don’t forget to pop a message below first.

Thanks for reading!

After years of trying to prove otherwise it seems there is a limit to what my shelf space can accommodate, so some things are going to have to go…

Missionary Man 'Bad Moon Rising', pb (Rebellion, 2011, 1st Printing) : £5 + £2 p&p
The 86ers, pb (Rebellion, 2009, 1st Printing) : £5 + £2 p&p
Jaegir 'Beasts Within', pb (Rebellion, 2015, 1st Printing) : £5 + £2 p&p
The War Machine, pb (Rebellion / Simon & Schuster, 2013, 1st Printing) : £5 + £2 p&p
Shimura, pb (Rebellion, 2004, 1st Printing) : £5 + £2 p&p
The Taxidermist, pb (Rebellion, 2011, 1st Printing) : £5 + £2 p&p
Slaine 'Books of Invasions' Vol 1, pb (Rebellion / Simon & Schuster, 2012, 1st Printing) : £5 + £2 p&p
   Note this the US paperback edition not the UK hardback
Necronauts, pb (Rebellion, 2003, 1st Printing) : £5 + £2 p&p
   Early larger paperback format with card gatefold covers
Caballistics, Inc, Vols 1-2, pb (Rebellion, 2006-7, 1st Printings) : £5 + £3.20 p&p
Dan Dare, Vol 1, pb (Hawk Books, 1988) : £7 + £3.20 p&p
   Binding is solid, although creaks a bit if opening flat.
   Reprints the first Dare story from Eagle Vol 1.1 - 2.25 (Apr 1950 - Sep 1951).  Reprinted original size.

Thrill-Power Overload (30 Years), hb+dj (Rebellion, 2007, 1st Printing) : £10 + £9 p&p
The Complete Ballad of Halo Jones, pb (Titan, 2001, 1st Printing) : £5 + £2 p&p
Judge Dredd in the Complete Apocalypse War, pb (Titan, 1995, 1st Printing) : £5 + £2 p&p
Judge Dredd in the Cursed Earth, pb (Titan, 1994, 1st Printing) : £5 + £2 p&p
Judge Dredd in the Complete Judge Child Quest, pb (Titan, 1995, 1st Printing) : £2 + £2 p&p
   Cover has come loose, and for good measure the pages have then split into 2 sections.  Other than that, perfectly fine.
Paper Girls Vol.1, pb (Image, 2016) : £3 + £2 p&p
Unfollow, Vols 1-3, pb [Complete] (Vertigo, 2016-17, 1st Printings) : £10 + £3.20 p&p
Roger's Profanisaurus Rex, hb+dj (Dennis, 2005, 1st Printing) + Sealed Roger Mellie soft doll (subscriber gift) : £5 + £3.20 p&p

(hb+dj = hardback with dust jacket present)

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/3euRUUr

All books have been read, then carefully stored.  I’ve listed any defects I’m aware of, but feel free to ask any specific questions on condition, or for additional info / pictures. 

Postage rates are for second-class Royal Mail UK delivery (if you want signed-for delivery add £1).  If you are buying multiple items I’ll figure out the adjusted rate when I package them up.

Payment via Paypal ‘friends and family’, or I’m happy to accept cash-on-collection (based in Cambridgeshire).

Finally, if you’re sending PMs/emails don’t forget to pop a message below first.

Thanks for reading!

Off Topic / The end of plastic free gifts?
« on: 23 March, 2021, 12:56:14 PM »
Saw this today, about plastic free gifts on children’s magazines and comics:

It seems they are not always appreciated by their target audience.  Clearly the environmental impact is a big driver here, but the article mentions a campaign by reader Skye Neville who also states a preference for reading the magazine rather than having the gifts.  The campaign has contributed to Waitrose taking the decision to no longer stock titles that have plastic gifts.

Will be interesting to see how publishers and other retailers respond to this, whether it marks the start of a wider change.

Other Reviews / The Return of Sexton Blake
« on: 29 November, 2020, 10:42:22 AM »
While my prog reading is on hiatus until the post settles down I was very pleased to have this drop through the door, the latest in this year’s specials.  I’ve been looking forward to this as I’ve never read any Sexton Blake, my only encounter being a half remembered article in the Megazine years back.

It’s good to see Rebellion are digging around in the historic depths of the archive - Sexton dates from 1893, and we get prose stories reprinted from the Penny Pictorial and Union Jack of 1908 and 1925 (the latter is continued in the new line of book reprints) as well as lots and lots of vintage cover scans.

Victor Drago is reprinted from Tornado, but updated to be Sexton Blake (as originally intended) and we get a brand-new 10-pager set in the 1920’s from George Mann, Jimmy Broxton and Simon Bowland, rounded off with a handful of splendid full page illustrations.  Everything’s all tied together with articles giving an insight into the history of the character and the stories presented, as well as the design of the new book line.

I was a bit apprehensive about how well the vintage stories would read, but thoroughly enjoyed them, both providing a lot of character and atmosphere in only six pages.  The same can be said of the Tornado strip, and the new strip served as a good re-introduction to the character, leaving me wanting more (Jimmy Broxton’s art seems perfectly suited to this character, and I thought the lettering fit the style well too).

For me this is one of the best specials out of a very good bunch.  It’s beautifully designed and has a good balance of content.  I’d be very happy to see this followed up next year with another new strip and perhaps reprints of some of the other strip work from Knockout and Valiant.

General / Sinister Dexter - a 25th anniversary reading guide
« on: 20 September, 2020, 11:31:27 AM »
Well, the 25th anniversary (:o) of the strip seems as good a time as any to post an update to my SinDex index, which for some reason I keep updating even though it’s all easily available on Barney.  At least if the internet suddenly stops I’ll still know which progs SinDex are in, and you will too if you download it!

It’s quite a chunk of thrill-power, so if you’re wanting a quick re-read to get up to speed, but not sure where to start (other than at the start), here’s how I reckon it breaks down:

The Set-up
Winter Special 1995, Prog 981 - 1126, Sci-Fi Special 1996
These are mostly shorter tales setting up the world and supporting characters, back when SinDex had a permanent place in the prog.  As the series establishes itself there are a few longer form tales, notably Gunshark Vacaction, Murder 101, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Mother Lode And The Red Admiral.

Prog 1126 - 1199, ‘Annual Prog’ 2000
The first epic tale, bringing together characters and threads established so far.  Also runs in the companion series ‘Download Tales’, which I guess serves as an epilogue to the epic (epiclogue?).  Mission to Mangapore broadens the world seen so far in the series and picks up a few loose ends from Eurocrash.

Planting Seeds
Prog 1200 - 1468, ’Annual Prog’ 2001 - 2006
In a way a return to the original form of the series, with lots of short tales by a variety of artists, some of which plant seeds for what is to come.  I probably need a re-read of this period myself, but recall the final stories that focus on Kal Cutter being particularly thrill-powered as they build to their conclusion and bring us into the next arc...

War of the Moses
Prog 1500 - 1961, ‘Annual Prog’ 2007 - 2014
Possibly a bit spoilery to say, but hard to avoid in a reading guide, this period starts off in another companion series, this time ‘Malone’.  This arc focuses on the alternate universe, something that continues to impact the series today, but by now the series was suffering from less frequent appearances in the prog which I think lost it a few friends.  I found on re-reading it cracked along at a fair pace, in contrast to my expectations.

The Modern Era
Sci-Fi Special 2016, Prog 2000 - 2200
Er, not sure what this arc should be called yet...  but if you want to quickly (-ish) get up to speed this is the period to re-read, and where all the elements that are now coming to a head are put in place (although it does feature characters first seen back in the original ’set-up’ arc).

Collection-wise... coverage is a bit disappointing really.  The Rebellion GNs run to 5 volumes, and combined with the earlier Megazine floppies, cover most (not all!) stories up to prog 1250.  The 2000AD Ultimate Collection runs to 3 volumes and also covers this period albeit fewer stories.  The 7-issue IDW series also covers this period, but focuses on the Andy Clarke illustrated stories (think there is a trade paperback too).

Beyond that, later Megazine floppies started to cover the War of the Moses, including relevant set-up stories from the previous arc, up to prog 1565.

Otherwise you’ll need to dig out the progs (and risk getting delightfully side-tracked by everything else…)

Happy reading..!

Megazine / Meg 424 - Thirty Megnificent Years
« on: 13 September, 2020, 02:39:23 PM »
It feels a bit rude starting the thread, not having contributed to the reviews before…  Hope I’m not treading on anyone’s toes, but I couldn’t sit on my hands any longer - I reckon it’s a stunning issue!

On initial flick-through I was a little disappointed at the lack of anniversary features, but, having read the issue, Matt’s definitely made the right call:  The Meg just full to the brim doing what it does best, and I came away realising such features would not have added much value (so much has been said already).  The features we do have are a welcome Dave Hunt interview (including a page of photo-strip era Doomlord!) and a preview of the Battle Special (it sounds great too…).

The 2000AD Encyclopaedia is just sort of there with not much of an explanation.  It’s clearly well produced, but I don’t see that it’s the sort of thing I will sit down and read each month.  In collected book form it has more appeal as a useful reference perhaps, at least until the following prog appears and makes it out-of-date  ;).  My favourite use of the floppy is for exploring the depths of the Treasury of British Comics archive, an interesting curiosity at the very least and uncovering the odd hidden gem at its best.

I’m not going to comment on individual strips, they all bring so much in their own way and have definitely got me looking forward to seeing where they go over the next few issues.  I must just give a mention to Dan Abnett who uses a style of story telling on Lawless that I thought was a brave move to sustain for 20 pages, but of course he steers it along with ease.

In some ways I’m a reluctant Meg reader, only coming on board for the Judgement Day crossover and drifting away until the following Wilderlands crossover, and yet here I am commenting on its 30th anniversary as a now long-time subscriber (you see Mr. Bishop, if you’re reading, proof that the crossover strategy worked…).  Having seen a few low periods, and many re-launches, it’s fantastic to see the Meg still around for its 30th and in such fine form.  Thanks to all involved over the years.  :thumbsup:

(By the way, does anyone else’s art print show last issue’s cover again?  Was quite looking forward to having one of this issue’s great Greg Staples cover.  Not that I don’t appreciate Cliff and Dylan’s cover of course!)

Music / Q Magazine to close
« on: 20 July, 2020, 05:42:42 PM »

Of course in some ways “it’s only a magazine”, and many people are facing far more significant losses at the moment.  I’m just a bit shocked, it feels like its always been there, and now in the space of a few months... it’s gone, and with it a small but important part of our entertainment culture that will be hard to replace.

The last circulation figures are reported as around 28,000 - still quite respectable in today’s environment I would’ve thought.  It seems quite sobering that a major publisher cannot support the title through this tough time, I’d expect things would be on the cusp of improving now shops are reopening.  It really puts into perspective how fortunate we are with Rebellion and their long term support for 2000AD and the Treasury.

Best wishes to the team at Q for their future, and to all at Rebellion for their continued efforts.

General / Dredd and 2000AD feature coming up in Retro Gamer
« on: 28 June, 2019, 05:41:40 PM »
Fans of 'next issue' pages (hello..? anyone..??) would do well to check out the current issue of Retro Gamer, which features Dredd: https://imgur.com/Lvm6Vny

Arguably of more importance, it also suggests the next issue could be of interest too:
"Jason Kingsley discusses the video game history of 2000 AD"  (#196 out 11th July)

Books & Comics / Calvin and Hobbes and Tharg's Droids
« on: 05 February, 2019, 10:49:15 PM »
Just caught this Calvin and Hobbes documentary by Phill Jupitus on Radio 4 Extra, which includes an unexpected trip to the Nerve Centre for a quick chat with Matt Smith and Boo Cook.


If you want to hear Boo and Phill having a go at drawing Calvin and Hobbes it’s at the 14:55 mark...

General / Brett Ewins cover artwork, 1986
« on: 07 May, 2017, 05:06:35 PM »
Been having a bit of a sort out and came across a few old issues of Hypo-Space, the magazine from PSIFA - the student sci-fi society at the University of Hertfordshire (Hatfield Poly), one of which (#31, Autumn 1986) featured this striking cover by Brett Ewins: http://imgur.com/a/d6HmX

I’m not sure if it’s an original commission or not - the editorial thanks Brett for “the fab cover artwork, for which we are truly grateful”, so sounds like it could be.  Anyone recognise it from elsewhere?

Anyway, thought it should be posted up on here for your viewing pleasure...

General / Dredd in the latest Viz
« on: 18 April, 2017, 10:06:30 PM »
Well… not quite true, but the new Viz just dropped through the door today (along with 2000AD and the Meg!) and it has a great double-page strip called ‘Nudge Dredd’ with “Dredd” patrolling Rhyll’s seafront amusement arcade, protecting the fruit machines and dispensing justice to the local pesky kids.

You can check it out in the May 2017 issue (#265), in the shop’s Thursday I believe.


General / Comic Relief Comic 1991
« on: 14 August, 2016, 12:43:37 PM »
Just on a Sunday afternoon stroll through the wilds of ebay and noticed two buy-it-now sales for this at a pretty good price:



I should point out I'm not selling them, and haven't bought from these sellers, but I do have the comic and it's a recommended read - one of the only (?) instances of characters from many different British comics companies appearing together, from Beano to Viz (via 2000AD of course), with as many different contributors too.  This seemed really special when it came out, and so far seems unique.

Good luck if you go for it!

General / Arthur Ranson, Children's ITV 1985
« on: 28 June, 2016, 12:04:36 AM »
Happened to find this short clip, thought it might be of interest here: https://youtu.be/SCwETJpamSw?t=2m11s

In a brief interview Arthur shows Cheryl Baker the various stages of creating the Danger Mouse strip for Look-In...

General / Judge Reddit
« on: 10 November, 2014, 10:04:51 PM »

Just thought I'd pop in as I saw this post on Reddit and thought it might be of interest...


Someone posted saying John Constantine is one of the only comic characters to age in real time... and the top comment thread (currently) is about how Dredd's been doing that for ages.

Always nice to see when Dredd's (and 2000AD's) achievements get unprompted recognition in the big wide world...  :D

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