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Film Discussion / Re: Dredd (2012)
« on: 25 November, 2022, 02:45:46 PM »
The bait is incredibly weak in GFR.

So weak, that no one has even bothered to post up the Mad Max "That's Bait" meme.  :)

General / Re: Things that went over your head...
« on: 25 November, 2022, 02:08:35 PM »
Now that's a horse of a different colour, to be sure! I really must give these early story's a re-read. For Bellardinelli's fabulous art, if nothing else.

General / Re: Things that went over your head...
« on: 25 November, 2022, 01:17:45 PM »
Then go and have a brisk run round the playing fields.

In the late Frank McCourt's memoir "Angela's Ashes" - which detailed his childhood experience of growing up, in the seemingly perpetually rainy, county of Limerick, here in the Emerald Isle - if one felt the need to - how shall I delicately phrase this? - unburden oneself of such, err...feelings?...was colloquially referred to as "Having The Excitement":D

Thanks and appreciation for posting that, anyway's, JWare.

To be honest - if my, admittedly faulty, recollection is anything to go by I didn't see much that there that would cause even twelve-year old me to blush. But perhaps I was a lost cause even back then, lol?

Off Topic / Re: The Black Dog Thread
« on: 24 November, 2022, 05:25:52 PM »
Feeling very dejected and tired right about now.

Having previously worked in a call centre for my sins - and they must have been many! - oodles of years ago, I can understand, Hawkmumbler, only too well what you mean. Fingers crossed, that Fortuna will favour you for the better soon.

General / Re: Things that went over your head...
« on: 23 November, 2022, 07:42:52 PM »
But Paddykafka was depending on me for naughty pictures!

Only to appease my inner Mary Whitehouse, that Tooth really was as decadent as it's being made out.  :)

General / Re: Things that went over your head...
« on: 23 November, 2022, 03:15:23 PM »
See also Fabry's Medb, establishing shot, prog 502. Dearie me.

Well, absolutely, though even that scene with its blatant eroticism was wasted on 11-year-old me at the time.  Even Belardinelli had her skinny-dipping after her 'rescue' from the Wicker Man.  The brief for artists seems to be 'don't worry about how anyone else drew her, just make teenage lads feel a bit funny'.

Unless, and until, someone posts up actual pictorial evidence, of such filth and smut appearing in the Galaxy's Greatest comic, then I can not believe that it actually happened. (That this would save me hours of having to scour through all my back progs, is neither here nor there. :D

Off Topic / Re: The Black Dog Thread
« on: 20 November, 2022, 03:38:11 PM »

@ Paddy, any news on the homefront?

Hi Rara Avis,
Well, as far as the home front goes, one of the  chaps - in one of the flats upstairs - has already  left the house and found accommodation through a former landlady of his. He had no sooner gone, than the new landlord (NL) aka Scumbag, had the builders in, ripping up the floorboards and basically gutting the place.

This caused much annoyance to the unfortunate English chap who resides in the flat directly below. He works night shifts, and then sleeps from early morning ‘till late afternoon. So you can just imagine how pissed off he was. (Not, of course, that the NL would give a shit!)  In addition to this, the water in the flat above him was twice disconnected – which effectively meant that his water supply was also cut off. And to add insult to injury, when it was restored, there was a leak which came through his ceiling. Did the NL apologise for all this inconvenience? Did he heck as like!

Between the works being carried out in the basement flat and the one upstairs, the house is now effectively a building site. It is worth noting that the patently dubious reason which NL gave for evicting us all from here was Health & Safety legislation. In that, it would not be safe for refurbishment and renovations to be carried out in the house, while we tenants were still residing here. It does not appear to be something with which he is overly concerned about at the present time.

Due to health complications – which may or may not be related to my current ongoing illness – I had to once again, go back into hospital, this time for surgery. I had fired my former GP - whom I nicknamed “Doctor No”, on account of his unpleasant, negative attitude - and switched to a lovely lady doctor in the same practice.  I swear, that woman showed me more empathy and kindness in the fifteen minutes I was with her, than “Doctor No” had displayed in the years I knew him!

It was on her advice – and with a referral letter from her - that I went back to the hospital. This meant once again spending more hours in A&E then many hours afterwards on a trolley in a corridor -with all the stress this entails - before being given a bed in a ward. I was put on the emergency list for surgery and had to wait for two days – during which time I was leaking pus and in some amount of pain and discomfort - before I was operated upon.

(Not having my laptop with me this time around, I was bored witless for want of distraction!)

A couple of days after discharge, I got to see a Public Health Nurse (PHN) for a change of dressing upon the wound. (Interestingly enough, when I related my bad experiences with “Doctor No” to the PHN, she said that she had previously received bad reports from other patients about him).
So as things currently stand, I am still in recovery mode, and not in much shape at the present time, to be dealing with my accommodation dilemma. With any luck – current illness notwithstanding -  I’ll be recovered enough within the next week or so, to be in a position where I can begin to address it.

But I figure that the best and wisest course, is to get my physical health back to some sort of normality first. (I’m still waiting on confirmation from the private hospital for an appointment to carry out the medical procedure / test that will, hopefully, identify what the hell is ultimately wrong with me).

Thanks again to yourself, Rara, and all ye other Squaxx for your ongoing support and kindness. I'll keep ye all updated in the near future.

Cheers! - Paddy Kafka

Off Topic / Re: Life is riddled with a procession of minor impediments
« on: 18 November, 2022, 12:29:58 PM »
I don't even have a smartphone. I find them too finicky and awkward to use, as I could never figure out that tapping screen stuff (for much the same reason as I find internet techy stuff hard to figure out). I'm either tapping too hard or not hard enough. And don't even get me started on all that scrolling malarky, lol!

I would need someone to be actually physically beside me, literally guiding me through each step of the process. I then write down each step to be taken, in my own hand-writing, after which - with a certain amount of practise - I can then refer to my notes, if needed, so as to perfect a technique that works for me.

Anyways, one quick call to my favourite comic shop has sorted out the problem. The lads in Sub-City comics have ordered The Sarge for me, and it should - postal problems / delays in Brit-Cit aside - be ready for me to collect next week. (And for six euro cheaper than if I had ordered it online!)

For any Irish Squaxx, or those visiting the Emerald Isle, I would heartily recommend a visit to the best little comic shop in the world. (I've had a standing order for 2000AD with them for many years now.)


Off Topic / Re: Life is riddled with a procession of minor impediments
« on: 18 November, 2022, 10:37:11 AM »
Online banking!

I just cannot, for the life of me, get my head around the process. It used to be so much easier back in the good old days. I've just spent the last half-hour trying to buy The Sarge: Volume 1 online and have given up.
Maybe I'm just stupid, but I find it all just too complicated. If it is not the wrong Rebellion password that I'm putting in, then it is the one for the bank or something else that I'm doing wrong. Because of my particular cognitive difficulty when it comes to figuring out technical / internet stuff, what I need is someone who knows all about this malarkey, to guide me, in person and beside me. But as I do not know anyone who can steer me through the process, I am sunk!

Reckon that I'll go to my usual comic store instead, pay them in cash and see if they can order it in for me instead. I feel like such a fucking dunce right now!

Off Topic / Re: The Black Dog Thread
« on: 16 November, 2022, 09:40:35 AM »
Glad to hear that you got that problem sorted, JBC. He sounded like a right prick and you're well rid of him. Also good that you have a supportive boss who was willing to act swiftly on your behalf. (If only all bosses were like that!)

RE: Hawkmumbler - Sorry to hear about your troubles and it's good to know that you've found a remedy of sorts. Hope that things will improve for you.

RE: Rara Avis - Belated thanks for your support and advice on Threshold. I do plan on touching base with them at some point in the near future. Recent and more unfortunate health events - about which I will post at some other stage - have held me up from contacting them. But when I'm back to something approaching normality, I do plan on reaching out for their support.

RE: Jade Falcon - Delighted for you on your pay rise. Just think of all the more Tooth products that you'll be able to spend your hard-earned Galactic Groats upon!  :)

General / Re: Kevin O'Neill 1953 - 2022
« on: 07 November, 2022, 05:04:19 PM »
OMG! That is just such terrible news! One of the all-time great comic artists ever, IMHO. Deepest condolences to all his family, friends and colleagues. Thank you, Kevin, for all the bizarre and wonderful images you have given us over the years. You will be greatly missed.  :(

Off Topic / Re: The Black Dog Thread
« on: 04 November, 2022, 11:14:52 AM »
Welcome back, TJM and all the best to you.

Off Topic / Re: The Black Dog Thread
« on: 02 November, 2022, 11:45:35 AM »
Jesus Paddy, dont you have the equivalent of a Citizens Advice, though in truth a lot of these bodies do seem to be essentially toothless.

I rang them over two weeks ago, was told that they would get back to me in a couple of days. Still haven't heard a word back from them. And because of changes made as a result of Covid *- a convenient excuse for the Board to change how the service is run - there would appear to be problems in relation to staffing, which I would assume is having an impact on the efficiency of the service. And hence why I haven't been given a call back. But hey-ho, that's par for the course in this sodding country, on so many levels.

In any event, I'm too mentally and physically fucked right now to be bothered. Just got out of hospital last night and I'm feeling lower than I can recall in years. Will give more of an update when I'm up to it.

Thanks to all you folk for your kindness and support, as ever. Hope you'll be feeling a bit better at some stage, Jade.



Off Topic / Re: The Black Dog Thread
« on: 31 October, 2022, 01:11:55 PM »
I am officially in Hell!

So last Tuesday -as I suspected was inevitable - the New Landlord (NL) gave myself and the other tenants here in the house, official written notice of termination of tenancy. This, despite previously signing a contract with the Old Landlord (OL), which stipulated that the property was sold as a going concern, and that "the purchasers have been informed of your continuing tenancy in the property".  2

The same written notice was also given to the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB). It would take far too long to go into all the  paperwork involved, but suffice to say, the reason he is using is that he intends too substantially refurbish or renovate the gaff, and that, for various health & safety legislations outlined in the document, the work can not safely be carried out with the current  tenants in situ. It is expected that the work will take 4 -6 months to complete.

He, the NL, was ever so apologetic and nicey-nicey about it, saying that he would do his best to find us alternative accommodation via other estate agents etc; that he would help us out if we needed a few extra bob towards the costs of a new deposit etc. To which I felt like saying: "Go and ask me bollix!"

For starters, he has already been cited by the RTB for the illegal eviction, and withholding of a deposit, from a former tenant of another property that he also bought from the OL. He still owes the OL four and a half grand from the sale of the house I'm in, and by going back on his word to the OL, has proven himself to be an absolute and utter liar. And I'm supposed to believe a fucking word out of this amoral weasel's mouth?!

Given that then - as now - I am currently sick as a dog, and had a doctor's appointment within the next half hour, I could not bring myself to start getting into all this.

So off I go to the Doc I go. When I went in and he asked how things were, the first thing I stated was that I had just been given a notice of eviction, and so was not feeling really all that great actually. Do you think he  expressed any sort of empathy at all? Even so much as a "sorry to hear that"? Nah! Just: "So what can I do for you?"

Well, I had previously asked him for a referral to a private hospital for a medical procedure. (Which I would have to pay for myself, on account of the public health waiting list being so insanely long.) However, thanks to inaccurate and incomplete information received from said hospital, it transpired that the costs for the procedure were too much over and above what they initially quoted. So I tried a different hospital, and got a definitive quote from them that was still within my budget. All that I required was a second referral from my doc to this hospital and I could expect an appointment within a little over three weeks or so.

Pretty straightforward, you would think, eh? But no! This fucking wanker of a so-called doctor, rounded on me and started berating me, saying that he other patients to be considering, and did I think he had nothing better to be doing than sending off five referrals to other hospitals for me!?

It took every single ounce of restraint that I had, not to punch his fucking lights out on the spot. I've just been given notice of eviction, I'm extremely ill, trying desperately to get the medical help that I urgently need, and this mother-fucker of a quack is giving me a hard time?! Well, I literally snarled back at him: "I'm not asking you for FIVE referrals! I'm only asking you for the one! And it specifically states on their website, that the referral needs to come from the GP themselves!"

The miserable bastard sighed, grudgingly printed off the original referral - with a couple of handwritten corrections to the new hospital - and I gave it to his staff member to email off. (There's a good reason that my nickname for that leech is "Doctor No"!)

And then, to cap off a not so wonderful couple of days, last Thursday evening, I got severe food-poisoning - quite possibly salmonella! - that resulted in my having to call an ambulance and be brought off to hospital. (From whence I am writing my current tale of woe.) I am, at present, in a ward that includes some poor old git who sounds lie he's got a permanent death rattle going on, two women who are blabbing loudly and far too often on their phones, to say nothing of all the high beeps and bops of machinery that you would expect in such a setting. Which, for the introverted, extremely noise-sensitive recluse that I am, is little short of Hell.

Because of it being a Bank Holiday, whatever diagnosis and treatment I could receive has been delayed by two days. About the only upside is, that the the staff / docs here might be able to confirm just what is wrong with me and see about a cure.

Of course by that stage, it is entirely possible that I will have gone completely mad! I guess I'll have to see what happens first...

Off Topic / Re: Threadjacking!
« on: 27 October, 2022, 11:35:45 AM »
Got to say, I feel like a bit of a bastard about it but at least I didn't torture them till their very last breath like cats do, and I still like cats.

This cartoon came to mind after reading your post.  :)


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