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Hey gang. At the risk of blowing my own trumpet, thought I'd pimp the link to a project that myself and a few other creator droids are involved with:

"Vietcong sappers attack a fuel point, only to be foiled by a very alert German Shepherd... An MP guards convoys of mystery bombs in the Thai jungle in 1968... A young Airman copes with post-9/11 paranoia in Okinawa... A Marine sniper in Haiti faces the repercussions of the shot he never took... A team of SEALs help rescue a kidnapped girl in the Philippines... Army interpreters in Iraq battle their toughest foe: the rats of Saddam’s palace... A soldier on a late-night run surprises a motorpool saboteur... A young cavalry lieutenant, fresh off the Battle of Kamdesh, meets the Marine half-brother he’s never known... A Navy ship reacts to an unusual man overboard... And if you’ve ever wondered what Christmas was like in a war zone, you’re about to find out.

True War Stories is exactly what it sounds like: a 250-page full color graphic novel anthology containing fifteen true tales of American servicepeople overseas. From the heartwarming to the heroic, the hilarious to the harrowing, in stories that span the globe from Vietnam to Afghanistan and everywhere in between. Edited by superstar comics writer Alex de Campi and Iraq War veteran Khai Krumbhaar, the stories feature art from some of comics’ finest creators. Every branch of the branch of the military is represented (except the Coast Guard — next time battles) and the stories are told by a mixture of active duty and retired soldiers. (We're never going to say "warfighters.")


Music / Zeal & Ardor - Devil Is Fine
« on: 15 May, 2020, 07:02:33 PM »
I was recommended this album by some friends a while back and forgot to check it out, but it featured on the newest episode of James Acaster's music podcast so I stuck it on Spotify and.... ho boy! This is a cracker of an album! It's described as "what if American slaves had embraced Satan instead of Jesus?"

Anyone familiar?


Events / Not Another Comic Con - Birmingham, August 3rd
« on: 22 July, 2019, 10:37:03 AM »
Hey all,

Thought I'd give a plug to this event as it's fairly new but has an impressive roster of legendary creator droids in attendance. There's a 2000AD panel, too.

It's a week on Saturday at Aston University:


General / Short 2000 AD questionnaire - opinions wanted!
« on: 29 April, 2009, 06:23:38 PM »
Hello fellow earthlets,

I'm currently writing a case study about 2000 AD, based around the question of "how has it maintained its popularity?" I'm looking for long-term fans (preferrably anyone who has been reading for atleast 5 years, though I'll accept all comers. Just be sure to let me know if you're a long-timer or a newbie) to answer a very short collection of questions to form a part of my study. They are found below. Not all the questions may be answerable by everyone because they were originally written for people "within the business" but I wanted to get a grasp of fan views as well.

You can either message me your answers or leave them here - either way please leave a name (if you don't then i'll just call you by your username in the report) and how long you've been reading 2000 AD.




How do you think 2000 AD has progressed over the last decade?

Do you think that the target audience has changed much since it's debut in 1977?

How big an impact would you say that the comics ventures into movies, video games and crossovers published as graphic novels (such as Dredd Vs Aliens) on attracting new fans?

How do you think 2000 AD has reacted to trends in other media such as movies in recent history? (eg 'vs' films, fantasy etc)

What do you think that 2000 AD does best?

What do you think 2000 AD doesn't do too well?

How do you think that 2000 AD has maintained it's popularity when considering that it has some of the lowest sales figures currently in the british comic scene? (according to figures published by Audit Bureau of Circulations)

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