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Hi All,

In an effort to cut-down on the time it takes to sort out an outage on this site and to reduce the onset of ThrillSucker infestation, I have created (with Wake's assistance) an Emergency Message Board.

You can access this at : http://www.shergold.org:2000

Please use this ONLY in an emergency as ALL posts are not just displayed on the page but are emailed to me and I also get an SMS sent to my phone.

If there is an outage or other serious problem please consult the board to see if :

* The problem has already been posted
* I (or Wake) have posted a response.

You use the message board in exactly the same way as normal, using your username & password. Please note these are case-sensitive.

We have tested it! (thanks to Mecha-Bou & garywilkinson for sending some messages)

Any feedback on the usefulness would be helpful.

Barny Shergold

Crikey Barny! That's a biggun!

How about setting it so that we both get emailed if the gap between the current post and the most recent previous post is at least a day, but not otherwise. That would mean that during outages people could post on it without feeling guilty for clogging up your phone.


And I'll take a dim view of anyone who starts playing about with html in thread titles, just because they can.


Sorry for deleting your message on the Test thread, Oddboy.

I've just disabled html from thread titles and created a new admin category which automatically gives a larger title. Only 7 users can access it, 2 of which have only ever posted 1 message between them on the board.



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