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Some of you (subscribers) may have noticed that your copies are a little on the tardy side.

Due to the weather the Royal Mail did not pick up the copies from the subs house until Monday as opposed to Friday.

They guarantee delivery within 2-3 days, sorry people Wednesday or Thursday.


Due to the weather indeed!
What are they? British Rail?

Ahhh Subscribers feel our non-subs pain! All your progs are frozen in a snowbank near Cambridge!

Remember this from the Eagle comic back in the 80's. A young boy gets zapped into his Commodore 64 and has to fight through a series of US Gold games in order to rescue his friend who had lost and been swallowed up by the computer. Blatant product placement a la Havok, Desert Strike etc. but good fun if you were 12.

Any chance of rebellion doing this... chortle.

Poo. That means I won't get mine until next week, as I'm one of those overseas types. Oh well. :/


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