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Back in 3 weeks!

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I'm going on holiday in about 13 hours (Heathrow baggage handlers notwithstanding), so for the next 3 weeks this website will be mostly running on auto-pilot. Barny Shergold will hopefully be uploading the prog data, but everything else (such as icons, fan art, etc.) will have to wait.

In case of an emergency, you can contact Barny through his 2000AD Emergency Message Board

thanks for the megs btw wake - have a good time

* wake comes back to site nought but smouldering ashes *

Queen Firey-Bou:
sniffle ! what ever will we dooo.....!

have a great one Wake! ye deserve it dealing with us lot.

3 weeks with no one to look over this rabble? I think I'll have a three week break too.

Have a good 'un Wake.

Have a great holiday Wake. We'll see you soon!Link: The A-Z of Cal-Hab


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