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Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« on: 02 April, 2021, 03:04:41 AM »
I don't really get most of John Smith's work as it just doesn't make sense no matter how many times I read one of his strips. Killing Time is the exception to this and also the reason why I keep trying. It is helped by the wonderful artwork by Chris Weston. I got a sketch from him once at a convention (does it still qualify as a sketch if you have to pay for it? Anyway) His other requests were for Dan Dare and he seemed surprised and pleased to get asked for a sketch of Winwood. I somehow lost the book which contained said drawing while moving house. Seven years later and I'm still annoyed about it.

General / Re: Prog drought!
« on: 21 February, 2021, 01:13:45 AM »
I know I have said it before on this forum but it should be repeated; any delays to subscriber copies or your post in general are the fault of Royal Mail and not Rebellion. We struggled with covid and failed deliveries for months on end. Private Eye subscribers also complained about it being late/never turning up.we're getting on top of it but don't blame Rebellion.

Other Reviews / Re: Revere
« on: 21 February, 2021, 01:00:30 AM »
I haven't read Revere in years but my memory of it is that typically of John Smith's work it stopped making sense after the first episode. It did have  the beautiful moment when Revere jumped off a roof apparently to his death.. I've read it more than once and it still it doesn't make sense but the artwork is too notch.

Other Reviews / Re: KING'S REACH: 25 years at the top
« on: 24 January, 2021, 12:50:49 AM »
I've ordered the book even though I'm sure I'll disagree with Landers on just about everything. I'm particularly keen to hear more from him slagging off trade unions and why they ruin everything. As a management man I doubt he has ever been a member of a union but he must be an expert.

Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« on: 26 December, 2020, 11:56:06 PM »
I'm guessing that's a bad thing?

I didn't enjoy it. There was just nothing subtle about the point Pat was making. I don't know Pat Mills but from the little i have read about him we clearly have similar opinions on many topics  but reading Greysuit just felt like i was being smashed in the face repeatedly. 'Yes, Western Imperialism is horrible and needs to be exposed but please stop. I agree with you. "

Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« on: 24 December, 2020, 10:52:48 PM »
Were there really 252 pages of Greysuit? Oh Christ.

General / Re: Prog drought!
« on: 05 December, 2020, 07:08:40 PM »
I forgot the link. This is very likely to happen and it can only be delayed rather than stopped.


General / Re: Prog drought!
« on: 05 December, 2020, 07:05:35 PM »
If the change from Royal mail having to deliver letters on a Saturday does happen it will be even worse for subscribers. It would be the end of Saturday delivery.

General / Re: Prog drought!
« on: 04 December, 2020, 10:14:58 PM »
As a postie, I've read this topic with great interest. I can only talk about the office I work in with any authority. However if that is anything like other offices around the country any delays in the prog are the fault of Royal Mail and not Rebellion. We have been struggling for months to deal with the extra volume of parcels since covid happened. Management want us to prioritise parcels over mail. Saturday is also seen as a light day for mail and so it can be rolled over until Monday to allow for more parcels to be delivered. It's an unfortunate set of circumstances that all go against the prog.

Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« on: 21 October, 2020, 09:31:34 PM »
I'm looking forward to reading some completed volumes of John Smith's work. Hopefully it will actually make sense this way.

Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« on: 11 July, 2020, 07:14:56 PM »
I haven't been keeping track of the issues,  so how many of the initial 80 are left?

Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« on: 06 June, 2020, 11:57:12 PM »
DPD drivers get paid  £1.50 for every item they deliver. If it isn't delivered somewhere they don't get paid. It's why they will leave a parcel in the bins, with a neighbour two streets away or throw it through a window. It doesn't make it OK but it makes clear why an individual items doesn't mean that much to them. Obviously us royal mail staff have never dropped a parcel and we treat every item as if it was really delicate.

Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« on: 06 June, 2020, 06:04:37 PM »
Working as a postman I know very well the complaints people have about how items are delivered. We don't do many Hachette deliveries so they clearly have a contact with someone else. I would like to say that whichever company delivers your parcel, if you think it's damaged and you want to complain then take photos of the parcel before you open it. Take photos of the actual item once opened. If you can,complain to the driver and ask for their name. I doubt it will come to this but you never know.

Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« on: 02 June, 2020, 10:42:19 PM »
The details of the extension are great. First of all I am surprised that it's going ahead in these times. Secondly it is such a brilliant list because it has some titles that deserve a reprint but haven't had it. I am really pleased that The Red Seas is finally getting a collected edition. I assume that my drunken messages to the Haccette  (i don't think that is the correct spelling but sod it) Facebook page saying "please put Red Seas into the series " had some effect.

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