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Author Topic: Robin of Sherwood - The Complete LOOK IN Comics - coming May 2022  (Read 754 times)


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Mine has just landed today, lovely book.
Missed mine :( Will have to wait until Monday to pick it up from the sorting office.


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Hope this paves the way for more Look-In remasters.

It sounds like this is very much a one-off, as negotiating the rights to other series would be a long and thankless task. But there's some amazing stuff in 'Look-In' that ought to be back in print in a more permanent form, most obviously Arthur Ranson's 'Sapphire & Steel'.

That crossed my mind too - Robin of Sherwood was a creator-owned piece by somebody who wanted to keep the IP alive.  The same cannot be said of the majority of other work that would have been produced for Look-In (not that I have a list to refer to or anything, I've just read about Robin of Sherwood in the past).