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Author Topic: Staz Johnson and Cam Kennedy - Artists Ryder Cup Current vs Classic - Tie 27  (Read 385 times)

I, Cosh

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As for me well its pretty straightforward. I like Staz Johnson hard, gritty, strong art - his recent post of some comissions he's done show what a talent he is. Cam Kennedy is however one of my all time favourites and depending on which way the wind is blowing my favourite classic Dredd artist. As such:

Johnson 1 - 4 - Kennedy
We never really die.

Sean SD

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Kennedy 4 - Johnson 1

Colin YNWA

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Little surprise on this one really and Staz Johnson could be said to have pulled off a pretty incredible feat of getting a point on  most votes against an artist as fondly regarded as Cam Kennedy. That said it is another very clear for classic team - their fifth in a row. Most of those haven't been as clear cut as this, in fact 3 of them they have pipped by 2 or 3 point, so basically a vote. However close its been they have earnt them and so going into the last 5 ties they have a two point lead and Current Team need to do something soon to stop this stipping away from them.

Current Team 12.5 : Classic Team 14.5

Current Team 1137 : Classic Team 1259*

*still need to check these!