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: New Best of Indies Comic
: tonyf33 30 November, 2021, 08:09:08 PM
The Best of Indies is to launch as a regular 60 page title. The comic has been confirmed based on the initial response to the recent Best of Indies Summer Special that featured work from Brawler, SpaceWarp, Wallop and Sentinel. You can subscribe here https://comicscene.org/subscribe-to-the-best-of-indies

The recent digital release of the Best of Indies Scottish Special, put together for the first Scottish Comic Book Day, will be enhanced to a 60 page print edition. Announced today, St Andrews Day, the issue can be pre ordered for 25th January release, Rabbie Burn’s Night!

You can subscribe for one year in print and digital, a half year subscription or pre order the Best of Indies Scottish Special in digital or print.

Each issue will introduce you to the best in indie comics from new or established creators with reprint and new strips. There will also be take over issues, comic con and events details, print posters, Crowdfunder recommendations and indie media content. If you are immersed in the indie comic community or want to know more about modern and current comics this is for you.  Subscribe here https://comicscene.org/subscribe-to-the-best-of-indies/