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Other Reviews / Re: The completely self absorbed 2000ad re-read thread
« on: 18 September, 2021, 09:16:00 PM »


in 2018 that isn't going to change. The comic will start to lose strips from one of its masters. The king may be dead (well not yet!) but long live the Prog as the strenght and momentum its established under Rebellion drive it forward to what I think will be more and more great thrills. the big difference in 2018 over older Golden stuff is we've got used to the quality and take it a bit for granted and I'll try to look at 2018 with fresh eyes, however much it buffers against the now and review it for what it will be... which I think will be great.

So those fresh eyes didn't get around to being opened on time and once again I miss my review of the year when I actually finish reading that years Progs. Still the short distance in time between then and now makes it hard to specify now good, or great.

The Prog in 2018 is in fine form. Strips are coming and going... and in the going we should have a problem, but we don't. As Kingdom and Brass Sun roll out Fiends and Durham Red roll back in. So its always been. 2000ad is about flux and change, as is about up and downs. I guess judging 2018 (and indeed any modern year) as a year in thrillpower is about judging Skip Tracer. Why Skip Tracer, well maybe rather than looking at the highs and there are many, we need to examine the lows and see how much differential is.

In 2018 Skip Tracer is a mixed bag. The first story is pretty bland, the second story pretty good... and this is the low really, well along with the lower end of Uncle Pat's range. Is it really as bad it was in the old days. Is Skip Tracer and the worst of Uncle Pat's stuff really as bad as the lows of previous times. Well no, no its not. Its difficult to judge though as the comics and indeed comics in general are so vastly improved in terms of the developing craft that the comparison is difficult. The same is true in other media. Entertainment has grown, tv is smarter, sharper in its writing, has nicer production values... but is it better? Objectively yes it is, in terms of entertainment, well I guess that depends in where your heads at and how you are able to detach nostaglia and the foundations of what you find entertaining... and there's where objective view is almost impossible to get, a clear view so baffled by noise.

So you ask simple questions, take it back to basics, is Skip Tracer better than Dry Run, or Grudge Father, Angel, or Mean Arena, or Mean Team or...well the list goes on and the answer is yes. Is Kingdom or Brink or... any number of others as good as Bad Company, or Halo Jones, or Leatherjack or... well any number, well that's trickier but if the answer isn't yes its damned close and the question is worth asking.

So the highs are as high, or near as damnit. The lows are no where near the lows and the Prog is still in a constant state of change and development. Its flux and change is based on an upward trajectory and I think 2018, and the eb and flow mentioned above, the fact that Brink is embedding and The Out is a couple of years off, just as Kingdom and Brass Sun 'rest' exemplify that. 2018 demonstrates that 2000ad is about as good as it ever been. The fact that entertainment and craft in the industries that create them have evolved and learnt from what's come before mean its probably better. The comic changes and sometimes change is hard, but when it is if you learn it is worth it and takes you to a better place.

So will 2019 be a better place as well, will the positive trajectory continue to drive up as the change continues. Well I think the answer will be yes. It won't be massive, it will be continual, subtle development, but I can already think of the good things that are coming and its hard to draw out the bad, aside from what have already identified. So yeah 2019 is going to be just another great year!

Prog / Prog 2250 - Get zapped to the future with the Galaxy's Greatest Comic
« on: 18 September, 2021, 06:02:46 PM »
Well that's a lovely cover, all be it with a clunky tag line! Inside we're in good order as well.

Dredd villains put the gang together, Dredd prepares for a chat and Maitland dodges a bullet. Set up, but cut to the action by the end. Nice enough.

Damn the subs freebies on the page after Dredd - some of the best yet - a facsimile of Prog 0 (the proposal Prog). I don't quite qualify but damn this is tempting!

Diaboliks like Dredd quickly puts pieces into place and its an intriguing place and look forward to this moving forward.

Then a nice Tharg Star Scan by David Millgate.

Now Scarlet Traces was an ace. It too was a set up and if I'm honest I started this with a bit of dread, but quite remembering were we are up to... but this one does it all, recaps, sets the scene and moves us onto the next phase of things, but you don't notice the mechanics at work. D'israeli delightfully realising Edginton's trippy start and hellish ending. Wonderful stuff and worries quickly dismissed.

As they were with Anderson one off Anderson's of late haven't always ticked the boxes but this one works perfectly Maura McHugh keeps it self contained, but moves things into place for the next phase of her story. Okay so maybe not self contained with that cliffhanger but it works as an episode and I'm already hankering for what comes next. Lee Carter has switched some buttons on his dial and his colour and tone work the dark atmosphere perfectly. Loved this one, to my surprise if I'm honest.

Pandora Perfect - Mystery Moon again masters the set up trick really well. it gives us a frothy intro to the character, a cheeky double cross and an offer for what's to come. This is just perfect fun.

Okay Chris Western I know this was a Future Shock driven by the pun at the end BUT when you present it like that - come on don't leave us hangin' Lone Wolf and Grub is a series you could make work. A star child take on the classic. Get ya writing cap on and don't leave this as a silly gag.

And we go out with The Out and it gets us up to speed and like others sets up what to come perfectly well. Its a great opener but as some of the other wears it mechanics on it sleeves - mind when the sleeves are suich glorious out on the rim colours colliding wonders who cares what mechanics they expose. Super excited by this one.

So yeah if latest weeks Prog was a real let down this one shows just how quickly the Prog can bounce back and the thrill ride being an avid follower of Tharg can be. Just a fantastic comic.

Books & Comics / Re: New Comic Book Day Megathread
« on: 18 September, 2021, 10:06:04 AM »
Well its a haul dominated by three writers this time and we picka writer of the haul... maybe...

But let's start with the rest first.

I think with We only find them when they're dead 8 I've run out of patience with this series. Its the art. i just find it really gets in the way of the storytelling and I no longer know what's happening. In the space based episodes that almost worked as the art really seemed to add to the vibe of other worldliness and other that the series holds. That sense of space being an environment like no other and filled with only the lights of the ships that run through it. In this second arc about... stuff.. set on a planet with politcal... stuff... its just obstructive and I'm out.

Ka-zar 1now I may be selling my old Ka-zar collection but I still get pulled to new ka-zar books in the hope that I'll find the perfect ka-zar tale one day. This one... well maybe. Its an interesting start with our blonde tarzan trying to adjust to his death and return to life (who knew?!?). This family tolerate his adjustment and the Savage Land has problem of its own. We'll see how this one goes. As it is lovely art and decent opener.

Usagi Yojimbo - Dragon Bellow Conspiracy 3 continues this great series well. I do wish I'd got on board this great book earlier so I wasn't collecting this colour issues as an entry point but there we are. I've got a load of digital version of the black and White original coming up on my Read List soon so we'll see how that feels.

The rest of my comics are by just three writers... hmmm maybe time to spread my wings... anyway 2 from Jeff Lemire, Unbelievable Unteens 2 - not as good as the opener but still very good and Black Hammer Reborn 3 - a focus on Lucy's (the original not original Black Hammer) husband and his problems dealing with her power and adventures. Its great stuff. I get all the Black Hammer comics and I have to say the way Lemire (and others) are crafting a universe both parody of the big two but also uniquely their own thing, exploring their own themes, make me feel I can get ride of all my other superhero comics. Its an amazing body of work and starting to come out at quite the rate now!

Second up we have Kyle Starks, whose comedic wonders are a rough house delight. 6 Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton 4 just continues with more brilliantly targeted violent murder mystery bound in the world of Hollywood. Fantastic. Second a OGN 'Old Head', crap title but this one uses all the tropes and cliche of that overdone genra the comedy basketball vampire horror. Damn I'm so tired of these comics, remember when zombies where the thing... ahem. Anyway yes its an oddball thing but damn its funny and dug into the humour are some more powerful themes and ideas. Kyle Starks is probably the most unrecognised of my trio this time. He really shouldn't be.

Finally we have three from Mark Russell, Second Coming - Only Begotten Son 4, a delayed delight, Not all Robots 2 more hardcore satire and Deadbox 1 a new title (well it is a 1!) with a similar tone but fresh and intriguing world into which they are weaved. Its that tone that is my only issue with Mark Russell. He is brilliant, is satire razer sharp, the worlds he creates ... well fresh and intriguing as I've said... its just there is just a knowing tone that runs through all his titles. When you read three so closely together like this they remain a delight, but maybe I'd like to see something entirely different by him. A different take on this satirical voice. Still I'll be buying everything he does cos its that good.

So which is my favourite? Why do I need to decide so while other title might be harder to find while there are three talents releasing comics this good my pull list will remain healthy!

Quietest vote of the round here, but the result will still be pretty clear I suspect. You still have a chance to get involved though and I'll count up in the morning.

My vote, well I'm hardly going to go against the flow here am I... I mean it not like I'd do that! ... well actually no. Traitor to his Kind uses the time and space it gets to do some great things and on that basis

Traitor to his Kind

General / Re: Rage vs. Moses Incident - Bolt-01 Cup - Group 4 Game 1
« on: 18 September, 2021, 07:20:17 AM »
Just today on this one. Seems pretty clear which way this one will go. But if todays results show anything its we don't get what we expect and last minute votes could change things! Counting in the morning.

For me while I love The Moses Incident, its Rage innit. I mean come on. Its pure Thrillpower and so on that basis.


General / Re: The Son vs. Outlaw - Bolt-01 Cup - Group 3 Game 2
« on: 18 September, 2021, 07:13:01 AM »

Well if the other tie in this close this was anything but. Folks vote Outlaw, well except some outling numbnuts but we don't need to worry about those no marks! And while The Son had many tributes it don't dent the votes... I think this group is going to throw up some interesting results. As it is in this tie


takes it

Early look at Group 3

                                                Points   Vote Diff
Outlaw                                        3                10
The Schicklgruber Grab           1                  0
The Gronk Affair                        1            0
The Son                                      0             -10


OOHHHHH was not expecting this. Grab stormed through qualifying seeming without breaking into a sweat. The Gronk Affair than to fight, fight, fight to get to the finals. Taking, literally, the longest possible route to this group stage and taking the very last slot available. So this tie would be straight forward right... well no it was anything but and in the end, despite the very different routes this was went to... neither


General / Re: Forthcoming Thrills - 2021
« on: 17 September, 2021, 03:36:10 PM »
Also the possible opening line-up for the 2022 Prog - Dredd, Kingmaker, The Order, Deadworld and Proteus Vex is super strong in my eyes.
Might be jumping the gun there. I'd guess a one-of, as all the ongoing Fall of Deadworld stories have had a one word adjectival title (despite what Barney says about the first one.) Plus Tharg normally likes to keep one of the January strips under wraps until nearer the time.

Brink is definitely due back sometime soon.

That's a fair point - would be happy if it was back, but we'll see what lands. Would be nice to start the year with a new strip too...

General / Re: Forthcoming Thrills - 2021
« on: 17 September, 2021, 01:11:59 PM »
Well there's two big WAYHEYS in the solicitations for December. Firstly Kingmaker is back - couldn't be more pleased... well actually that's not true as


I mean I take Jim's point about the Meg not being defined by whether Lawless is in it or not... but at the same time... LAWLESS IS BACKKKKK!!!!

Also the possible opening line-up for the 2022 Prog - Dredd, Kingmaker, The Order, Deadworld and Proteus Vex is super strong in my eyes.

« on: 17 September, 2021, 11:40:09 AM »

General / Re: The Son vs. Outlaw - Bolt-01 Cup - Group 3 Game 2
« on: 17 September, 2021, 06:44:25 AM »
Roll up, roll up. Come see the vote and join in the circus. Do it today though as Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls tomorrow we will have a countin'

Right I'm going to book the tread here. Both these strips have considerable flaws but The Son has much more focus and purpose than the otherwise widely spralling Outlaw and so on that basis:

The Son

One day, one day
So you rilly rilly rilly
need to vote
One day, one day...

So I will and hmmm this is a closer vote than I was anticipating. Completely fair ro say The Gronk Affair is a superb story but Schicklgrubber Grab seems to have a bit of everything and so many iconic moments and on that basis:

Schicklgrubber Grab

General / Re: Rest Day - Bolt-01 Cup
« on: 17 September, 2021, 06:37:23 AM »
Yep during these Group stages of the Finals there will be fours days of action and 3 days of reflection. So yeah we can have Fridays off... well unless you have other votes to catch up on...


Well okay this group is already being divided down clear lines, as both the opening ties have than the same, very clear score line. It will be interesting to see how it develops as the next ties come along. As it is now it probably no surprise to say the winner is:

Portrait of a Mutant

Early Group 2 table

                                            Points         Vote Diff   
Incident Mayger Minor       3              10
Portrait of a Mutant            3              10
Two-Faced Terror                0              -10
The Bad Boys Bust             0              -10


Well this one was not even close was it. Given Incident's performance in qualifying that's probably no surprise and there will be much harder ties in this group and .... well some ... esier ones for Two-Face Terror. Anyway for now the winner is

Incident on Mayger Minor

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