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I could of sworn there was a bargains / deals thread but can't for the life of me find it (and the forum search is zero help)

Anyway the Before Watchmen Nite Owl/Dr Manhattan Deluxe Edition HC is currently £13.50 (+£1 UK P&P) at Forbidden Planet UK until 20th of March. It's down as £22.50 at the moment on Amazon.

Colin YNWA:
I know there's one for video games, could be that your thinking of?

Anyway good spot. The only one I'll be getting is the Darwyn Cooke stuff I think, mind that's at a decent price too at £15ish. Mind might wait for the cheaper trade rather than a hardback, we'll see.

Link Prime:
Darwyn Cookes 'Parker' graphic novels are going cheap as chips on Comixology this weekend.
Highly recommended reading.

Jimmy Baker's Assistant:
This is a great idea for a thread.

However, I would not pay one single penny for Before Watchmen. Encouraging news that it's going cheap.

The Wonderland Original Trilogy Omnibus is 99c on comixology at the mo.

It collects Return to Wonderland #0-6, Beyond Wonderland #0-6, Escape From Wonderland #0-6, All Ten Issues of Tales From Wonderland and the Return to Wonderland Annuals so quite a few comics for the cash.


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