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SHAMAN KANE. New Sci-fi/Horror comic OUT NOW!

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David Broughton:
For anyone interested here are the pencils and finished inks for the cover.

Greg M.:
Cheers for that, David - I love these behind-the-scenes glimpses. At some point in the lead-up to the comic launching, I am crossing my fingers for a sneak peek of some interior art WITH MONSTERS IN IT!

David Broughton:
Hi Greg, Monster-wise in this issue Kane goes up against Zombies, Vampires and a Poltergeist. 

Here is the first page from story one with out text. I've worked hard to keep the artwork
consistent through out the issue.

Before penciling or inking page one I created a rough layout which can be seen below.
I did this for every page to make sure I leave enough space for speech balloons.

Once I was happy I then started to pencil the page using 4H pencils.  (See below).
Non reproductive blue pencils might be better for some and save time. However I
like the tones I can create with a lead pencil which then translates into different
methods of blocking and shading that I use when inking.

I will be posting a splash advert with some more of the interior artwork up
probably around the middle of the week. Although I might have more rough
designs to share if anyone is interested.

David Broughton:
One last plug before the Bristol convention on Saturday.

If anyone is thinking of going please remember you can't get tickets on the door so book on-line
from the Bristol Comic Expo.

Looks great.

Put me down for a copy, and hassle me if I forget.



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