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Funt Solo:

I was enjoying the Clint Langley Thrill-Cast and they got into a bit of a stramash with their data-wrangling.

You could count Clint's tenure on Slaine as lasting from p2003 (Moloch) to 1849 (Moloch, again, in Book of Scars), for a span of 539 progs. Or eleven years. Or 59 episodes (at 399 pages). Plus 20 covers (8 of which were wraparound). And a Star Scan.

Did I read somewhere that there have been technical difficulties with the Thrillcast? Missing the weekly dose :(

The end of year (dated 22 December) is a great hour listening to accompany you on a walk or run. Cyber-Matt and graphic novel editor Olivia chat with Molch-R about their favourite Tooth and Treasury things from 2021 and some tidbits for 2022. I picked up some good recommendations. I guessed we might get a Bolland cover for 45th anniversary issue but some other great names also mentioned.


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