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Colin YNWA:
I guess its an example of how this comic has drifted that I waited for my sub copy to land and finally got it a couple of weeks ago and have only just got around to reading it. Now there are good reasons for this, not packing it when on holiday, having various other things that took priority and my reading got sidelines etc etc... but I just to read this the moment it landed in the past.

As I mentioned last time its not a bad comic, far from it. Its just fallen from such lofty heights. This issue more than any. Shifter remains great but I feel like it needs to get to conclusion as its in danger of drifting. As is To the Death could go the same way if its not careful.

The newer material is fine. Elephantmen - War Toys isn't as strong as last time, Muscle Memory is fine, but nothing special and Eight Ball is the strongest of the three, a decent tight one off.

We'll see what next time brings, whenever that is - in theory very soon but while I doubt very much I'll drop my sub anytime soon for the first time its crossed my mind.

Colin YNWA:
Well 2.4 landed in good time for once and its a decent issue. Almost all the concerns remain from last time. The exception is we now know Shifter is indeed rattling along to an exciting conclusion, next issue in fact. Its the highlight of this issue too.

Focus on core stories this time with Thrawn by our own SK Moore - its fine if hardwork. Elephantmen is on good form and To the Death as brethless as ever. All good stuff. Did miss a done in one mind.

Some attractive looking strips coming next time too. With Shifter finishing the first, magnificent lineup is all but done. These new strips therefore feel more important than ever.

Still smells lovely.

Colin YNWA:
Again 2.5 shows all the issues. Landed a couple of weeks ago and for various reasons ita taken me an age to get to. Just not the compelling read it used to be. This issue also marks the end of the opening series. Shifter ends well enough and has been a great series and I'm looking forward re-reading it. So all we have left of that stella opening line-up way back when is To The Death and I'm glad to hear this is heading towards conclusion, not as it a bad comic, far from it, simply because it needs to wrap up before it feels like its drifting towards nowhere which its felt it might on occasion.

Elsewhere The Actress and the Bishop is the star with Brian Bolland's art just singing. The story is fun too. Terminal City is a comic I've head of, but never read so Dean Motter's strip is an intriguing and welcome introduction to the comic. Really enjoyed this intriguing first episode.

Everything else is a bit middle ground. Elena is fine but its opening episode doesn't quite give enough to pull me in entirely yet. Muscle Memory - Interlude just feels a little unnecessary and I'm not really feelin' what its trying to do. Thawn Janet is a beautiful looking muddle. The end of Elephantmen War Toys is good enough, but read it before and while I like it, i have it.

Shift hasn't entirely lost it mojo, but its not dancing the way it used to. My sub came to and end - no one seemed to care or bother to contact me to nudge me to renew even as a subscruber from issue one. So I forgot to do so and it was only after thinking to check I confirmed and just about persuaded myself to sub until the end of volume 2. If sub copies continue to roll in late and the content doesn't make this feel like a must read again I really do wonder if I'll bother to make the effort for volume 3. We'll see.

Anyone waiting for the next issue they have a new anthology available via Amazon for £9.99 Shift International.
From the first two years of SHIFT - the storming UK anthology, have collected some of the best newly commissioned one offs and short stories. Produced in US comic format, the is a great way to see what SHIFT is up to, pushing independent creators out to the wider world. Featuring - The Actress and the Bishop from Brian Bolland, Killatoa in The Origin of the Speiaa - the psychotic hunter busts out of the main To The Death series - by Simon Furman and Geoff Senior, The Chronicles of Lib Laroche from Liam Sharp, Leave from Michael Powell, David Hitchcock and Lee Milner, Hungerville by Warwick Fraser-Coombe, Perfect Shot from Lyndon Webb, Chanceby Hal Laren

Colin YNWA:
2.6 has landed and its a good product as ever but much the same to be said as before really. Some real highlights but still trying to find that amazing mix of the early issues.

The other problem is the delays (for entirely valid reasons from what I understand) mean that some of the ongoing stories will need to be read. Terminal City seems fine, really good in fact, but isn't able to get momentum - still this one I've really high hopes for. Similar Elena has potential but needs a better schedule to do it justice. To the Death nears an end it really needs to reach now. Thrawn Janet alas lost me and while there may be translated versions somewhere online apparently hasn't given me enough to justify the effort.

The one off are tales as old as time but both look stunning.

Still you can buy a lush Kora hardcover with extra material now... just need to wait for payday and that's mine!


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