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When I lived in Ireland "shift" didnt mean shagging. It meant snogging. I distinctly remember being confused about this when my friend seemed absolutely shocked that I was in fact seeing my girlfriend and not just "shifting her in pub every Friday and Saturday".


Professor Bear:
A bit like "courting", it can mean one or the other.  The main thing is that some people might consider this sick filth that needs banning - like whoever is in charge of the comic's PR, who I will assume knows the value of a good scandal in these awful end times.

Colin YNWA:
I've never heard shift used that way... ANYWAY... for those still not sold the lovely cover for issue 1

I love Geoff Senior's art -- please can Tharg get him back in the prog? Even if it's only six pages! Or even just a cover! (But preferably for 30 consecutive episodes of Proteus Vex.)

Same. His Transformers was always wonderful. His humans are a bit wonkier, but I’d love to see him do a Mechanismo Dredd. ABC Warriors would be wonderful as well, under his pen.


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