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‘Best of 2000 AD’ to launch as graphic novel series in 2022

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Rebellion is proud to announce the Fall 2022 launch of its highly-anticipated new graphic novel series – Best of 2000 AD!

The brand-new quarterly 200-page graphic novel series debuts in September and features a hand-curated selection of the most incendiary and exciting new science-fiction comics from one of the world’s biggest and most influential comic book brands.

Six volumes of the US comic book-size, perfect-bound series will be released quarterly in book stores, distributed into the book trade via Simon & Schuster and the comic book direct market through Diamond Distributors.

Best of 2000 AD is the perfect gateway into the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic – an ultimate ‘mix-tape’ anthology of full-colour stories specially chosen to be accessible to a whole new generation of comic readers who may never have picked up 2000 AD in its traditional format.

Each 200-page volume will be headlined by a self-contained contemporary Judge Dredd adventure, followed by a mixture of hidden gems from 2000 AD’s vaulted history, a classic Judge Dredd case, and a graphic novel length feature presentation featuring global comics legends including Sean Philips (The Fade Out, Kill or Be Killed), Frank Quitely (We3,All Star Superman), Fraser Irving (Batman Incorporated, Die! Die! Die!), Kevin O’Neill (Marshal Law,League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), Mick McMahon (The Last American, Batman), Pete Milligan (Enigma, X-statix), Rob Williams (Old Haunts, Suicide Squad), Al Ewing (Immortal Hulk, We Only Find Them When They’re Dead), Alan Moore (Watchmen, From Hell), Alan Davis (X-Men, Batman) and so many more.

Each volume of Best of 2000 AD will also feature newly-commissioned critical essays by prominent comics journalists and popular culture writers, including Tom Shapira, Chloe Maveal, Rosie Knight, Ritesh Babu, Tiffany Babb and Adam Karenina Sherif.

The title boasts brand-new covers from an all-star line-up of New York Times best-selling and Eisner award-winning artists including Jamie McKelvie (The Wicked and The Divine), Becky Cloonan (Gotham Academy), Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead), Erica Henderson (The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl), and Annie Wu (Hawkeye), with more to be revealed.

The entire six-volume series will feature design by highly-acclaimed designer Tom Muller (House of X/Powers of X).

“Even in the teeth of the pandemic, graphic novels had one of their best years ever and Best of 2000 AD has been tailor-made to give bookstores a great way to stock the very best of British comics,” said Trade and Special Sales Manager, Owen Johnson. “With eye-catching covers, design, and impeccable storytelling, Best of 2000 AD brings the energy and creativity of Britain’s biggest comics brand to the book trade in a new and fresh way, giving readers curious about getting into graphic novels an irresistible sampling of stories that will appeal to all palettes.”

Following Rebellion’s hugely successful ‘Day of Dredd’ promotion, which reached over 20 million individual social media accounts and saw international sales spike, during which comic stores, libraries and creators celebrated the cultural impact of the fan-favourite character Judge Dredd, Best of 2000 AD is the next step in building a wider international audience, and stands as a major jewel in the crown of Rebellion’s 2022 publishing initiatives.

“It’s called the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic for a reason,” said Rebellion CEO, Jason Kingsley OBE. “If you love your comics dangerous, thrilling and life-affirming but have never read 2000 AD then this is your moment. This new publication is precision-engineered for new and curious readers. We want the Best of 2000 AD to convert a whole new generation into 2000 AD readers for life.”

The first volume of Best of 2000 AD is scheduled for release in September 2022. It will be available from book-stores and comic book stores globally through Simon & Schuster and Diamond Distribution.


(Those with long memories will remember this was originally to be a 12-issue comic book series: https://forums.2000ad.com/index.php?topic=46131.0 — IP)

Colin YNWA:
Oh interesting - so this is what became of the Best of 2000ad series that Covid kibooshed then. Sounds like a total refitting and repurposing of the material already prepared for that?

Interesting direction to take and fingers crossed it goes well.

O Lucky Stevie!:
All we need now is for Diamond to resume shipping the Prog, the Meg and th specials outside of the UK. The last pre-orders that they fulfilled were cover dated February 2021.

Unless I've missed it, which is entirely possible, I haven't seen much in the way of comment about this.

I really liked it- the format is lovely, very tactile, and a pleasant size. I reiterate that were the Megazine to go to this format later this year, when the floppies stoppie, I would not be too upset.

The strips inside- while perhaps overfamiliar to those who us who inhabit this forum- are a pretty good representation of the prog to the uninitiated. Perhaps the selection is a little too on the nose when it comes to the accusation that 2000AD is "all big ugly men with guns"- I mean, Brink Book One, complete Shamballa and complete Halo Jones Book One, in a single collection? That's a lot of female-led strippage to flick the Vs at anyone expecting Dredd/ Stront/ Rogue/ Robo-Hunter and a comic stuck in the 80s.

Look, like most of us, I've got all this anyway I'm multiple formats. We are in a financial crisis and money is probably better spent elsewhere... but, I liked this a lot, and am likely to pick up #2 (even if I found the text article a bit/ a lot wanky).

Also, I saw a copy in Waterstones! How cool is that? An extended shelf life, then, one hopes.


Honestly, I liked the text article. From commentary I’ve seen elsewhere, the biggest issue appears to be a lack of context for some of the strips (like Strontium Dog) and a touch of confusion that comes from 2000 AD’s pace and dumping you in the middle of scenarios and concepts with no hand-holding. Omar’s piece over on Mint Condition was interesting (and I’m glad he enjoyed Blink, which I’ve been on at him for ages to read).


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