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Apocalypse War Dossier (novel) - released November 2022

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Dash Decent:
Apocalypse War Dossier - Paperback (novel), 440 pages, 8th November 2022
By  John Ware

Mega City One it's a powderkeg waiting to blow on its best day.

There isn't a moment when tentions aren't running high and the City isn't ready to crack.

But there's something new going on something, something bad it's a block war. It's Block Mania and no one is immune, not even the Judges.

But this is all prelude to invasion.

The East-Meg One Sov's have infected Mega City One with Block-Mania to throw the city into massive, bloody turf wars.

There are troops on the ground, bombs are dropping and the Mega City One is on fire.

And the Judges are drawing the line and Mega City One is about to burn.

Apocalypse War tells the on the ground stories of the Judges in Mega City One during the events of epic Block Mania and Apocalyse War story arch.

Dash Decent:
New cover:

Rogue Judge:
Sign me up! Just finishing up the Rico Dredd novel, LOVE it! More 2000AD novels please!

Lawman of the Present:
I've not found it stated specifically but I presume this is an omnibus version of the three Apocalypse War novellas recently released? Looking forward to it. With the early years mined now (Dredd 1-3, Anderson 1-2) I wonder if this heralds a new phase of novellas set between the panels of existing stories?

I've some reservations over this; stories returning to canon's past with some form of 'untold story' often lead to retcons or glaring continuity errors (my favourite example so far would be the Big Finish audio drama, "Pre-Emptive Revenge", set in the aftermath of Judgement Day, which ends with Dredd speaking over airwaves with Judge Inspector Sadu, despite Sadu having sacrificed himself to stop Sabbat).

I also highly enjoyed Rico Dredd, though think the Fall of Deadworld might be my overall favourite so far. It's a nice change in tone and genre from the rest. While enjoyable, perhaps I find the Judges stories more of a mixed bag personally, with Michael Carroll's chapters consistently being the most engaging.

Given how the Rico book turned out, I wonder if some form of early years Angel Gang trilogy might work. Perhaps a story giving Link a bit more character, another telling Fink's departure, and a third leading up to Mean's surgery?

Dash Decent:

--- Quote from: Lawman of the Present on 31 August, 2022, 08:03:46 PM ---I've not found it stated specifically but I presume this is an omnibus version of the three Apocalypse War novellas recently released?
--- End quote ---

I haven't seen anything concrete, but I'm positive that will be the case.  All these paperbacks like the "Rico" one you mentioned, plus the recent "Judges" series are all made up of three stories initially released as individual novellas.  And we know there are exactly three Apoc War novellas on their way.


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