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The Return of SENTINEL

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Bad City Blue:
It's been a while, but sentinel will return this year with the twelfth issue - VALHALLASAUR

Three Viking ships set off for Iceland (to their colonies) but a terrible storm means that only one survives, blown far off course and landing on a mysterious island. On that island something hunts them...

As accurate as we could make it on the Viking side, it's an action packed tale that goes one step further than the reader will expect, a sixty four page complete story.

Written by Alan Holloway with art and cover by Ed Doyle, both veterans of Zarjaz, Dogbreath, The 77, Sector 13, Comicscene and more.

alternative cover (in progress below) by Andy Lambert.

SENTINEL has had a slow down recently due to artists finding the time to do the issues, but there are currently over ten in various stages of production, plus plans for a plus size compilation.

There may be imitators, but no one does it quite like SENTINEL

The Legendary Shark:

Looks great!

Barrington Boots:
That alternate cover especially looks fantastic.

Bad City Blue:
Andy is a bit good.

Bad City Blue:


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