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Classic Gums - to be released June 2023


Dash Decent:
Classic Gums - Paperback, 22nd June 2023

Comic tales of the toothless shark.

Oh wow. That’s one for the kid. 20 quid for a paperback now, though? Yikes. (Also, Monster Fun editorial team: BRING BACK GUMS! That was one of the best strips from the specials.)

Dash Decent:

The first Gums collection is here, including the complete run of strips published in Monster Fun through 1976.

The hapless, loveable shark with false teeth was a highlight of the short-lived Monster Fun comic and proved to be so popular with the fans that he appeared as the front cover strip for most of the run.

The Great White (toothless) shark stalks a territory around the Australian coast, where he constantly butts heads with local surfer, Bluey. While Gums is out to snack on the youngster, Bluey is determined to take the shark's false teeth as a memento!


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