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2000 AD Digest only four, but would of liked more.


Batman vs Dredd was a mixed bag.

Ghost Town with Anderson/Dredd was kind of a sad tale.

Zombo bonkers fun with gallows humor and blood/guts off the charts.

Mandroid oh boy that was a gut punch of a story about a Vet.

There is 4 more classic Dredd stories in the digest size Luna 1, The Day the Law Died, Cursed Earth & the Dark judges. The web store doesn't say that they are in the digest size but they are £4.99/£6.99 each

Ok thank you for that I will look them up. I like something small to carry when I am out. Digital comics on the phone don't really do it for me.

there is also the VC's Hell in the Heavens, Rogue Trooper Welcome to Nu Earth & 2 Strontium Dog OutLaw & Portrait of a Mutant. If you are lucky Titan books did a small range of Judge Dredd pocket books with some of the classic stories b released back in the late 80's/90's

Ok thank for that I get the Rogue Trooper stuff pretty easy and cheap. I remember reading about him back in the day like Dredd. I can't really remember anything Strontium Dog related. The character must not of made a long lasting impression. I do remember Slaine, Zenith and ABC warriors more so.


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