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Devons Daddy:
just a note of thanks to all who gave good reviews about this book.

i have just finished book 1.
after which i had felt compelled to thank all here for there suggestion to read this.

i shall not start book 2 till next week. i wish to re read book 1 again. its truly that good.
so thankyou board.
i cant remeber which of you it was. but i must say. this was bloody awesome.
hill street blues meets superheros is the best description i can offer.
im still amazed with how good it was.
that was a very very good book.


There'll almost certainly be a SMAX THE BARBARIAN (spinoff series from TT) collection next year from DC, too.

Oh, and DD? Book 2 is loads better than book 1 ;)

Wait til you meet Joe Pi!


I think I also recommended it.

I leant a friend both books & the first two Smax issues last month. I'm seeing her again at the weekend & she wants me to bring Smax #3 so I'm guessing she liked it too.

Here's hoping that Alan Moore has got one more series of Top Ten in him before he retires - pure quality.

The transporter accident episode ia one the most moving story I've read in a long time and yet it involved people in tights!

....even if it *is* a steal from HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET ;)



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