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Im currantly trying to collect a complete run of STARBLAZER magazine, i was wondering if anyone can give me any details about said title????

Trout: was posting t'other day that he's got a half-price sale on them.

Go to any of his posts and you'll get the link.

- Trout

im still looking for an issue by issue artist creator rundown,

there was one in an early issue of COMIC WORLD from 1992 sometime (anybody got any copies of these, i used to love them - major interviews with only uk creators and stuff great)

dont know of any other sources and no one could help last time i asked

what do u want to know

That's not .com

Some of the later issues had the complete rundown of the Starblazer creators. Unfortunately, I don't have those issues left.Link: Superhero Store Sale

i have the last issue, it doesnt give a full rundown - it just sorta has this brief over view

and it doesnt tell ya which issues the creators were in - u just have to ... well kinda guess :-(


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