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What happened to the wiki?

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The Adventurer:
I really don't understand why it can't just be opened up to the forum public for editing. I'd give it about a week before it was completely full of every obscure fact a wiki needs.

There is a fair bit of custom code in it that hasn't been completed yet which will need to be finished before the wiki is useable.

Well, I've carried on adding to the wikia wiki, ten progs down, 1834 to go...

'This week sees the launch of the exciting beta release of the brand new 2000 AD wiki database – an online repository of 35 years of thrill-power, editable by fans themselves! Specially selected site users will be able to give the wiki a test run before it is opened up to the wider online community within the next month!'

how many years that that "this week" message been there now?


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