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Predator vs Dredd vs Aliens

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I thought Betty Page nudes were safe....they are more high art than porn.


I have Incubus as well...

I remember the forward written by Simon Pegg himself.

Also, I just saw the episode of Doctor Who where he is some creepy dude enslaving all these people to some alien entity. It was one of the first episodes from the new series.

I really didn't enjoy the predator story, predator was poorly used and appeared to be a dog hit by a car more than a lethal hunter

Just read this the other night (in one sitting) and man, this was some fantastic stuff. Especially having Mechanismo so fresh in my mind, this collection really left an impression. The art was great, the stories were great and, frankly, it made me wish there was more of it out there.

Colin YNWA:
Read Predator vs Dredd vs Aliens tonight... it was pretty rubbish.


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