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Meg 444 - Pressure Point!

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Colin YNWA:
Interesting Meg which carries on the split of quality.

Two thrills just aren't cutting the mustard. Diamond Dogs I want to like as I love the art, but it just slides off me and I not only can't remember it month to month its gone the moment I've turn its last page. A re-read. Well one day and it might serve it well, I just don't care enough to be enthused to do it anytime soon.

Similarly Death Cap. I'm just not invested. This one at least tried to punch above its weight with some innovative and intriguing page layouts and storytelling ideas. Just goes to show all the innovation won't work if you don't have characters to draw you into it and carry you through.

Dredd is a real step up from those two. The squad getting picked off around Dredd is rushed through, it is cliche by now so that's no bad thing. But the story is building and leaves us in an interesting place.

Surfer interesting and brilliant. This is building to something and just like Chopper before we really learn what. Just as with Super Surf 7 our hero is hauled away, with a promise that this isn't the end. Can't wait to see where this goes and how this develops.

but very little in comics if as brilliant as Lawless which has a really REALLY good episode. The obvious is revealed as we see who is pushing the new majors buttons and we already know this will create a friction that will spark things in Badrock. We also get revealed the unexpected as Dabnett and Winslade take the genius step of making Metta a masked vigilante. I mean it feels obvious when you see it. A real "well of COURSE that's what they did with her next" but how we get there, the perfect superhero origin and set up... its just devine stuff and I can't wait to see what's next.

Hawk the Slayer ends really nicely and as I'm picking up the comics I'm looking forward to reading this back in one. Henry Flint is apparently back somewhere in the Prog for September and it can't come soon enough. Lovely text piece for Garry Leach and the rest of the filler is good fun. So overall the quality outweighs the problems.

I have no knowledge of the original Hawk the Slayer film, but read the five floppies a couple of nights back. It all hangs together pretty well. The story isn’t exactly brimming with originality, but it does what it was ably, bringing the readers up to speed, familiarising us with the cast, and building some creeping evil throughout. Lovely art too. In all, it’s an interesting idea from Rebellion, and I wonder how the commercial ramifications work out, giving Meg subscribers a version of this for free, but selling the comic standalone as well? (Printing is the ‘cheap’ bit, of course. Creation is the expensive part, which is eased if the content is repurposed. And then distro is the PITA.)

It’s also interesting to see 2000 AD’s posts on Facebook about this. The comments threads are alive with people who clearly love this property and are eager to read the comic. Feels like a smart move in principle. Here’s hoping it worked out in the event.

I have now also read the last chapter of Hawk and I can recommended it. As Indigo say it is not the most original series but it is super enjoyable.

Making the Hawk part of the meg as a floppy might have been to boost sales or just give it extra exposure. I would have bought it if it was not part of the meg

Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have done, but I appreciate it as a value-add for the thing I already subscribe to. (I certainly like it more than what we’re getting next month, say, which is content I’ve already read that isn’t that old and that I wasn’t overly keen on in the first place.)

It does seem much too soon to reprint those Anderson stories already.

I enjoyed Hawk the Slayer. Never having seen the film, I would not have bought the separate comic, but I presume there are other people who are not interested in Judge Dredd but want to read a sequel to a film they loved in their childhood. I'm sure Revellion know what they're doing.

Hard to believe we're going to read Megazine 450 this year. 400 feels like only last year!


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