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Subscriber Gifts 2023 (or tat I would like)


The Enigmatic Dr X:
Just got my Gary Leach prog and Starlord badge for being a subscriber. I love this stuff.

However, variety would be good too. I now have loads of badges.

What about other things? I would really like a keyring. (This post prompted by me searching for a 2000ad keyring).

Other ideas? Pens, notebooks, a pencil case!

The Legendary Shark:

Nikolai Dante condoms.

Best 2000ad merch they made were the extra large red and black Dredd (mcMahon) and Anderson (Roach) coffee cups with the images inside the base of the cup (stew on this punk / she knows what you’re drinking). Lord know how many years ago it was (15?) but they still get used for Sunday morning coffee to this day. Sadly any cups since have been diddy cheap stuff.

More of those high quality cups Tharg..

Dash Decent:
These ones: Judges in mug shot shocker

Still holding out for some squishies...


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