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FFT - What if? Derby Week Tie 9 - Dead Meat vs Dynosty

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Yep. Dead Meat could be a solid Regened thrill. Dynosty was terrible, from what I can recall. Dead Meat would win this one for me, although I’m not fussed about ever reading either again.

That Dead Meat cover pictured above is one of my all-time favourites. Having that "featuring Inspector Raam" banner stuck under the logo was wonderful and hilarious, and I remember buying three copies. Two for the collection and one for the wall. Very much enjoyed DM at the time. Haven't read it in years though.

Dinosty was... obviously designed for another comic.

Dead Meat


Funt Solo:
Dinosty is more fun.

Dead Meat can be summed up neatly by Perry Bible Fellowship's Scorchy.


Colin YNWA:
The dining bell rings on this one and we need to mover through to pick a course. One day to go and I'll announce which thrill we have choosen.


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