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Author Topic: Apocalypse War (inc Block Mania) vs Judge Child - Dredd Epics Ranked - Better! S  (Read 911 times)


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"The final act has begun. Let it be played out...To the end..."

Judge Child Quest

Colin YNWA

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So no real surprise here at all as

Apocalypse War

Blast into the final. The Judge Child may be seen by some as a cold remix of The Cursed Earth (well I don't know who would say that but someone might...) but its clearly not a widely held view and it pulled in a decent number of votes even against the Epic must likely to win this overall. Its absolutely loved and will be in a battle to see if it places 3rd or 4th, whichever will be a very worthy place!

Apocalypse War of course gets a spot in the final - can anything stop it. Well judging by votes so far I'd suggest not. We'll find out tomorrow which Epic has that task... I can think of one that would stand a chance....