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New DREDD GENERATION piece @ Ninth Art

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An interview with Andy Diggle and Dan Abnett. Make with the clicky...Link: The Dredd Generation: Heirs to the Throne

Hey, enjoyable read, worth a look.

The Amstor Computer:
One complaint:

"I should have gotten Henry Flint to draw the entire ABC WARRIORS series, as his art was surely the best thing about it..."

Mike McMahon? Much as I love Henry's work, I wouldn't have passed up the chance of having MM guesting in exchange for a full run of Flint art.

Apart from that, some good stuff there. Both guys sound like they really care about the comic, and I can sympathise with Andy's "eternal triangle", even if it does sometimes result in dreck like Killer... ;-)

Well, McMachons style is likeable enough (though, IMHO, just plain lazy looking in comparison to the beautiful detail of his earlier art) but I'm not sure its a good match for ABC Warriors any more, and the overall effect of switching artists every 3 episodes was jarring and unpleasant, as it was for the first outing of the Meknificent Seven.

I think getting McMahon is obviously too tempting for words, but the whole series would have gelled more if it had been drawn entirely by Flint.  if one of those stories had been held back for McMahon and kept for one of these prog 2000 efforts that would have been nice.

I think it's a real shame that time can be such a limiting factor for quality.  I mean you can only do what you can in the time alloted with the material at hand.  Like an editorial version of the krypton factor.  

"Here are a 100 future shocks, only one of them is even half good, your job is to find that future shock, you have ten minutes, your time starts now"

It must be pretty hard to produce a high quality product in such a pressured enivronment, did they ever get more staff?

Cheers :)



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