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New DREDD GENERATION piece @ Ninth Art

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It's hard to compare McMahon and Flint directly.

I much prefer Flint art to, say, much of McMahon's more recent stuff, but Mick in his heyday, IMO, could not be beat.

My favourite of his will always be The Shoggey Beast, which was atmospheric masterpiece stuff.

Henry Flint at his best is excellent, but can't come close to that.

- Posh blue-blooded fish bloke

The Amstor Computer:
Oh, I'd agree that a ABC Warriors series with a single artist - in this case Henry Flint - is preferable to one which leaps from one artist to another. However, if it's a choice between having a guest artist like McMahon & the coherence of a single artist on the whole strip, I'm afraid I'd still go for the former. If it were any other artist, I'd probably say no, but I'm a massive McMahon fan, so...

As for his more recent style - I'm pretty much sold on it. Ever since he reappeared (in the Meg at least) with Howler, the readership seems to be fairly cleanly split; you either love it or you hate it. I love it.

It may not be Sky Chariots or Block Mania, but it's just as refreshing & powerful.


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