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This board is now set up so that your posts show your username, rather than your real name. The intention is so that people can continue to use Droid names and pseudonyms, though you can now only have one at a time. If you have registered already but want to change your username you can do this on the change details page. However, you can't change both your username and your email address at the same time. When you change username you will have to log in again, and when you change email address your password will be reset.Link: Sign in/Register/Change details


Matt Timson:
But how will the unhinged stalk us now?


Mad, stalking nutters are people too...


Erm... that post of Wake's is 3 years old, btw.

Muppets. ;)

Bwahahahahahahahahahaaaaa!!! All that mating must have drained the blood from Timson's head ;oP


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