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Meg 441 - Surfing the Mega-City Skies !

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Colin YNWA:
Decent Meg as we build on the potential, though it still feels like a number of stories are still building.

Dredd arh thought Dredd gave up the chase too easily - that's why - nice steady build, but after 20 pages next time we need to see a little more of what this is building to.

Death Cap - I'm close to loving this, but its just not quite there and I think the main issue is I've not been made to invest in
Goya and her quest yet.

Diamond Dogs - needs a re-read, but is there enough to make me do that?

Lawless no Meta, no problem. The cast of this series is so great there so much to enjoy. And this one is building layer of intrigue and blasting out the action and adding new elements and... so much going on it builds AND it delievers.

Surfer the tension builds up and the stakes mount - its wonderfully crafted and its going somewhere a little scary. I think we see where this one has been building to.

Some nice text pieces to boot and the floppie - WELL Henry Flint is excelling even his excellent standard. Hawk the Slayer part 2 looks amazing and at the end just about catches fire and has a great ending. Good stuff.

So while a couple of thrills don't quite get anywhere the rest is great, the frustration is and there potential for this line-up to really catch fire and I'm just waiting for that to happen which is stopping me just enjoying how good some of this stuff is already!

Dredd feels solid, if a bit unremarkable. Death Cap for me still struggles with a protagonist that I couldn’t give two hoots about. Diamond Dogs is fine, but feels a bit like with a few changes it could be a contemporary drama. Lawless takes things up a notch with its new twist. I assume at some point, we’ll head somewhere towards status quo, with the titular character re-taking control somehow. (Her bit a bit-part player in her own strip seems unlikely.) Surfer shows that (as with Niemand’s courier) from a skysurfing standpoint, having a younger person in the lead these days makes a lot more sense than dredging up Chopper. Also, that twist at the end was tantalising.

An odd Meg overall for me, in that it didn’t really grab hold and scream READ ME, but still solid enough.

Surfer > Lawless > Diamond Dogs / Dredd > Death Cap

B/W Cover:

Very much enjoyed this Meg. The Dredd strip built on last month's episode and I'm now wondering if this is a Dreddworld Wakanda parody... which for some reason didn't occur to me last time. Surfer is okay- though it is a bit par-for-the-course and I'm guessing it's only "not a Judge Dredd strip" because it would be more obviously going over the same ground we've seen a number of times before. But the writing and art are as smooth and engrossing as you'd expect from the talent involved.

Diamond Dogs always- always- surprises me. I look at it, think 'Why is this there?', then read it and absolutely love it. I really should reread the whole lot in one sitting, because I've been reacting in exactly that way since episode one. Best of all is Lawless- which was so good I didn't even notice Metta Lawson was absent. I am in awe of every aspect of this story. Look at that first page! Look at the transition from the top to the bottom! Incredible.

I'm afraid I skip the other main strip- as no aspects of it are to my liking, and after the first part of Hawk The Slayer last month, I'm afraid I'm skipping that too. Not for me- but I remember hating the movie at the cinema back in the day, so a couple of 2000AD people doing a sequel isn't enough to thrill me. If Wagner and Ezquerra had done a similar sequel to Tron, I would have felt the same.


I’ve got to mention Lawless. Again.

There are barely words for how good this strip is. Worth the entire cost of the Meg just on its own.

So confident is Lawless now, that it can run an entire episode without its lead character and it still doesn’t miss a beat. Just shows how strongly the town and its wide range of characters has been built over the years.

And the artwork is just sublime.

It’s the best thing in the Meg and Prog in recent times and I simply can’t praise it highly enough.

There are great strips in both publications -and then there is Lawless, in a class of its own.


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