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Prog 2282 - Out for Blood

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Dredd is great. I don’t think it’s too verbose. Squint and you could be reading a classic Wagner/Bolland strip here. Hope is creepy and grim, with interesting storytelling devices, although I suspect it’ll read better collected. Brink continues to be a very different angle on the greater universe, which I hope manages to continue the careful balance between new surprises and maintaining a sense of mystery.

Dexter is more interesting than recent Sin/Dex to me. Him falling for Sinister’s ex is cliché city (he could still have cared for her as one of a dwindling team who have each other’s backs – men and women in media don’t always have to want to fuck), but the rest of this strip works well and the reveal was suitably icky. Which leaves Fiends, which I’ve enjoyed immensely. Sure, it’s moved a long way from its originals, but… good? I don’t care about its origins if it’s a great strip.

So that’s a 5/5 Prog for me, with a rough sort order of Dredd > Fiends > Brink | Dexter > Hope, but it’s all good.

Barrington Boots:
I got my Prog yesterday so I can participate in the review thread again! Alll starts off with a dramatic and generally excellent cover.

Dredd Excellent story so far. Asher is a sympathetic character - he's smart and regrets his previous actions - and the stuff about his appearance and losing his ability to laugh hammers home how dreadful the Titan treatment is. Meanwhile Dredd is still competent tackling his own side of the investigation, instead of being sidelined or looking a bit useless as he is sometimes criticised for in Neimand tales. I agree the art is has a touch of Bolland to it and just so good, from the old school Meg punks to the judges wading through all the human gunk. Best thing in the Prog this week and I enjoyed almost everything else in it too.

Hope isn't doing anything for me at all. I was a fan of the previous runs but not this one - there's no menace here for me, only tedium and masses of supporting characters who aside from a couple I am finding somewhat homogenous aside from their likeness to real world counterparts. Lovely art and layouts but struggling to continue with this.

Brink on the other had is superb. Nice offhand reference to the 'healthy' water leading to the horror of the final sequence. We're at the point where almost anything referenced feels ominous - characters talk about going somewhere or doing something and it could be a foreshadowing. Great stuff.

Dexter I've previously voiced my disinterest about Dexter but this has been a nice little story so far. The barn reveal is something far more grotesque than I imagined, a real nightmare despite it's little hat. Really like Tazio Bettin's depictions of combat in the last story with the dinosaurs and he's good here too.

Fiends Top notch. I still feel a bit like the setting has been wasted a bit - I was expecting more of a spy type story before we swerved back into mythical territory- but what we have got is excellent. Constanza is just horrific. The art is next level awesome. I also have no idea who that is at the end btw.

Cain from Genesis?

Barrington Boots:

--- Quote from: Richard on 17 May, 2022, 03:42:15 PM ---Cain from Genesis?

--- End quote ---

Getting a bit Vampire: The Masquerade if so...

Good prog with another fantastic cover by Tiernen. Interesting prog where all the episodes end on a “cliffhanger”

Dredd – All the parts of the story are slowly starting to form, and it will be an interesting few weeks to see how everything works out (or not). I also feel the Wagner/Bolland vibe here great story so far.

Hope – The investigating is going slowly with no real indication where it is headed towards and who is responsible. Mostly a slow burner as another attack on Hope with the episode ends on a cliffhanger.
Brink – A lot of talking until the final few panels ending on a creepy note. Abnett likes to keep us on the edge of our seats.

Dexter – A good sideshow from the main event. Another episode that ends on a cliffhanger.

Fiends – I am enjoying the mythology of the world created by Edginton. We have a more action-oriented episode as we have another story ending on a cliffhanger. As with the first sinner I believe that this is Cain from the Bible (book of Genesis as Richard said).


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