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Grip: worst comic i've ever read.

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death monkey 23:
Just read #1 of GRIP, published by Vertigo and written by Gilbert Hernandez of Love and Rockets fame.

It is so appalling as to be pretty much beyond human comprehension.  Forget Pussyfoot 5.  Forget the crap Future Shocks.  This


crap.  In fact it is so crap that it makes me well angry.  Sales of this crappy little 5-issue comic are going to plummet at #2, but Vertigo are going to lick arse and bullshit about it just because it was written by the acclaimed Hernandez. (Love and Rockets wasn't that good anyway, and Gilbert is a stupid name.  Stupider than scojo.)  But bloody bastard Vertigo are packing in Outlaw Nation in a few months, just because sales are struggling a bit.  Admittedly it's been going a bit crap lately, but it's a great comic and it was just getting back on track.  If that was written by Gilbert Hernandez, comics legend, then they'd be falling over each other to try and get it printed fortnightly.  Just because Jamie Delano doesn't get good reviews in the Guardian because he isn't crap.

Know what I mean?

Thread Zero:
Must buy it for Logan then.


death monkey 23:
Yep.  Logan would probably like it, judging by the general shitness of him.

Thread Zero:
No comment.

scojo the coward

death monkey 23:
har har


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