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Yo scoj: concerning your march reply.

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death monkey 23:
Yep.  Getting the US to stop the worldwide heroin trade is like telling the bunch of wankers at the DEA to let go of columbia and go and quietly die.

That would sort things out, but it ain't gonna happen, is it.  Nope, what you have to do is crash a Boeing into a building full of them.

Oooh, controversial.

American heroes, my arse.

The US machine has probably been responsible in the main in one way or another for about 50 million deaths over the past fifty years.  
Capitalism: people's arguement in favour of it is that look what it's done for us.  but what it's done to THEM out weighs this.
Life is bad, except when you're stoned.
I don't know if you live in London or can be arsed, but it's tomorrow at noon.  It starts at Hyde Park Corner and goes down to Trafalgar Square.
Jeremy Corbyn will be speaking there.
I got pissed with his son last night.

Thread Zero:
I think you will find fascism caused 50 million deaths during the second world war.

Don't know the stats on the US!!

Capitalism is imperfect but any political/economic ideology would be.

Trust me, no system will eradicate poverty, crime etc completely.

Humans are imperfect selfish beings so that is the world I guess we deserve.

Blimey, this is deep for a saturday night!

I am putting my best of spice girls CD back on.

Zigazig ha!

scojo tone deaf.

death monkey 23:
Sadly true.

The march took BLOODY AGES to get going, but there was a nice vibe when it happened.  The speeches in Trafalgar Square were wicked.  The flashing lights, the shouts of approval... it was like a U2 concert only without any bullshit-style political posturing, no crap music, and there was approval.

El Spurioso:
A peace-march had no political posturing?  That's a bit... uh.... daft, isn't it?

Kind've like a knife without a sharp-edge, or a monkey without a brain.  For example.

Thread Zero:

I think Monkey meant it was like a U2 concert in atmosphere, but without the political posturing of Bono and the edge.

scojo - steps fan


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