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Richmond Clements:
Hello all!

I have a few more books to sell, if I may take a moment of your time:

Dredd Vs Aliens Incubus - £12
The Complete Indigo Prime - £10
Rogue Trooper: The Future of War - £8
Zenith Book 1 (signed by Steve Yowell) - £15
Slaine the Horned God Bk 3 (ex-library copy. Has library stamp on inside page, but otherwise in great condition) - £5
Necronauts - £10

Non 2k:
The Sandman Endless Nights. 1st edition. Signed and Death sketch by Glenn Fabry. £20

P&P is £3 per book, but we can do a deal for multiple purchases.


how much is the Sandman

Richmond Clements:

--- Quote from: rogue69 on 30 April, 2022, 08:58:35 AM ---how much is the Sandman

--- End quote ---

Just updated the original post - £20

Richmond Clements:
Me again.
I also have a hardback copy of the Judge Dredd miniatures game rulebook. There's some fading on the cover, but otherwise, it's perfect - I don't think I have ever opened it!

£10 + £4 P&P

Richmond Clements:
Sandman has been taken. Any more for any more? Or else you will force me to resort to ebay...


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