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I'm preparing a little something for the website (if it works & Wake'll have it etc) - what it is, let's leave as a surprise for now.

But for part of it I'm getting together a list of steps that people have followed in moving from trying to get published in the hallowed pages of 2000AD to actually getting published.  

From the very basic (eg realising that Tharg won't even read your complete 9-book epic & maybe a Future Shock is the way to go) to the highly complex final stages (um...I dunno examples, that's why I need help...durrrr....).

Contributions especially welcome from:

a) Current 2000AD creators
b) People who've submitted their works to Tharg
c) Embittered souls who've given up on the whole idea and settled to a life of accountancy
d) The usual sarcastic commentators (i.e. everyone else)

All reminiscences gratefully received.


You might want to try fielding thsi question on the Scriptdroids and Artdroids Yahoo groups as well.

Cheers Art - done it!  It would be great if you could get the ball rolling(...?)


Richmond Clements:
Haha! You walked into that one, Art!


Well, here's the story of one Pseudodroid.

I've noodled around with comics for ages, but I only really started taking the idea of actually getting published seriously when 2k printed its submission guidelines in, I think, the 2001 Winter special. Filled with enthusiasm I took an idea for a story that I had been knocking around with for a few monthsLink:


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