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General / Re: 2000 AD Reoffended
« on: Today at 07:36:14 PM »
The Bann She-ite - judge Joyce returns to ireland to police the wilds of the mid-ulster rad-lands haunted by the matriarchal Ghosts of The Good Friday Agreement tribe.

The Out Brendan McCarthy on writing duties returns to the politics of Micky Swift and Sooner or Later until each series artist quits in protest.

Nadir Mark Millar returns to the prog with a fresh take on fan favourite Zenith.

Here’s an associated question. If rebellion put put a monthly with just the line art / inks (of artists working that way) in B&W would you buy it. I absolutely would. Holden, Flint, Foster - I’d rather see their art in B&W than just buy a compendium / collection of what I’ve already bought.

General / Re: NEXT UP - Anniversary Special - Writers Solhiem Cup
« on: 16 June, 2021, 03:24:30 PM »
The answer is John wagner. Next.

Battle of the details!

Cliff 3, Arthur 2

What a load of old toot.


Cheesecake Roach is fun but Steve Dillon man....

4-1 to Steve.

One of the things I love about Davis is when he paints a foreground face hyper detailed then draws the face in the background like a simple emoticon. It cracks me up the disparity between the two techniques. Ampney Crucis did this loads with butler Eddie.

President Trump is expected to be making a statement on this rigged election..

The Davis Appreciation Society and the Association of Lovers of Artists Drawing Themselves Into Comics lodges an official appeal with the rules committee.

Phillips 4
Davis 1

Davis has his style and drew some iconic moments, but Phillips and Brubaker are killing combination.

So your vote don’t count as it’s only work for Tharg. Good good

4-1 Davis - still the ultimate SinDex artist, indeed the strip has never come close to the heights since he left.

Holy balls it’s tough. The art on the return of indigo prime was next level stuff but then I’m a sucker for an Uber-stylist


3-2 to Bagwell for probably the most impressive hiatus-breaking art in 2000ads history.

5-0 to Flint.

I’ve genuinely no idea why he’s not the biggest thing in comics.

Carlos Ezquerra 5 Richard Elson 0.

Elson is awful.

Elson 5 : 0 Ezquerra

Ezquerra is awful.

There. Now we're both making equal amounts of sense.

For the terminally dim:  I don't think any of the artists are awful. I'm making a broader point.
No we are not. I am giving my opinion. Not sure what your broader point is, do we have to like all artists?

No but you can express your dislike constructively or couch it in subjectivity a tad more tactfully. But on the whole this isn’t a place to be negative. For example instead of saying ‘this cover is crap’ it would be better to say ‘it dosent work for me, I think the colours / style / figurework / perspective/ whatever isn’t great’.  People often say they don’t like stories in the prog reviews but nobody needs to call anything ‘awful’ like a clarion cry.

It’s just the vibe here. There are FB groups where people can do that negative opinions thing the internet loves to deal in.

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